Today is a very special day!  It's the anniversary of the day I married my favorite person in the whole world – Rob Kelly!  Twenty one amazing years later, we are still enjoying each other!

Here's 10 reasons I love being married to Rob:

  1. Rob has TERRIFIC sense of humor.  He can make me laugh more than anyone else can and for those of you who know me, you know I love to laugh.
  2. Rob is a WONDERFUL father.  I love watching him interact with our three daughters…he knows them so well and is always there for them.  I look back over the years and there are many memories that flood my mind of him playing with the girls, comforting them, encouraging them, teasing them…he's always been there for them.
  3. Rob is very GOOD LOOKING!  He will tell you otherwise, but, when I see him across a room….you betcha, my heart goes pitter patter all over again.
  4. Rob is GENTLE.  I love his gentleness towards others, especially with people in their later season of life!  He is also very gentle with children and they know that Rob is always there for them…I often find him hanging out with the kids after a Sunday service at church.
  5. Rob is a great COMMUNICATOR.  Rob is always thoughtful in what he has to say.  You see this when he's speaking in front of a crowd of people and you see this when you interact with him one on one.
  6. Rob drives me crazy!  He is not a fighter and sometimes when I am just in the mood to fight over something…he won't give in.  And, to make it worse, he usually makes me laugh – which infuriates me half the time…but, in some wierd way, it has become a trait that endears him to me now.
  7. Rob loves adventures.  We've had so many over the years!  Swimming in the ocean on our honeymoon, thinking we discovered money as it floated by us, only to realize it was our money that had floated out of your wallet! Mission trips with students, a trip to Thailand, family vacations, Daytona 500, Cocoa Beach and then driving down to Miami for the day just because we could…the list would go on forever.
  8. Rob is a great SURPRISER….he knows that I LOVE surprises and he is the best at thinking up great surprises and taunting me with just a few hints until I am so frustrated…but the anticipation is so fun and the surprises are well worth waiting for – within the front rows at a U2 concert!  Yep, that was fun!
  9. Rob is ROMANTIC.  He could start a great website:   Every Valentines Day we celebrate the anniversary of our first date (Valentines 1983) …every year he comes up with something amazing to remind me of how much he loves me…what a lucky woman I am!
  10. Rob LOVES God.  His passion for following Christ is what attracts me most to my husband.  His commitment to Christ keeps his commitments elsewhere strong and he is such a light to so many, many people, beginning with me and with our girls.  I love watching him grow deeper in his relationship with God — it fuels his passion for ministry to others and inspires me to do the same!

Rob, it's been a wonderful 21 years and I look forward to many more!  Thanks for making this journey so fun and for being my best friend!  I love you!

Carol Ann


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Donna says:

    Carol Ann, what a tribute and model. Congratulations to you both for a blessed life!

  2. optionalg says:

    congrats guys…. it is awesome to see you guys still all googly eyed and loving each other the way you do.. and the great job that you have done as parents..

    here is to 84 more 😉

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