Tania, good friend of mine from Boliva, and my Mom, Maxine!

I am continually realizing more and more what a blessing my mom is!  I have many friends who don’t have the opportunity to have had a great relationship with their moms.  It seems lately everywhere I go, I hear, “Oh, you’re Maxine’s daughter – we LOVE your mom!”    You see, my mom is the ultimate GIVER.  She gives her time, her money, her laughter, her wisdom, her experience, her smiles, her joy, her godly perspective, her home, her clothes (my sister and I have fun with this one) her “never quit” attitude….and the list could go on and on. 

I could write chapters and chapters on the lessons she has and continues to teach me.  She’s “retired” now from her mission work with New Tribes Mission.  So she’s taking it easy:  working in the jail ministry for the Denver Women’s jail, MOPs mentoring at our church, editing books for friends, working on several translation checking projects for other missionaries, continuing her work on a second edition of the Ayore/Spanish dictionary, spending great amounts of time with her kids and grandkids, mentoring other women, she’s planning a trip to Bolivia or Paraguay for an encouragement visit to missionaries there….yes, she’s living the laid back retired life well! 

I love my mom.  I love her energy.  I love her passion.  I love her competitive spirit and desire to do her best for the Lord in everything she does.  I wish I had weeks of uninterupted time with my mom, but I don’t have that opportunity.  I do realize more and more, though, that each moment with her is a lifetime and is creating memories that will last forever.

Mom – for whatever reason you were on my mind today.  Thanks for everything you do for me and for hundreds of others!  I pray that you are filled with joy today and that you are really aware of how much you mean to so many of us whose lives you’ve filled. 

If you’ve never met my mom, I hope you do someday!  If you have, I know you agree! 🙂


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. maxine morarie says:

    Let me be first to comment! Don’t believe a word of it! Carol Ann is prejudiced! But I love her just the same! Isn’t it funny what we see when we see ourselves through our children’s eyes? It’s kind of like God sees us – as perfectly righteous, nothing wrong with us, because when we put our faith in Jesus he took our sin and imperfections upon himself and in exchange gave us freely a right standing before God – not earned or deserved, but a gift from his marvelous GRACE! Thank you Carol Ann for your love, it means the world to me. Mom

  2. Gary W. Cox says:

    Thank you for your comment and I’m blessed myself just to see that there are great parents in this world. I myself did not have a loving childhood exactly, however, I do have a figure that I look up to and he’s kind of the male equivilent of your mother. Giving to the very last and always ready to talk and pray. Take care and God Bless.

  3. MARK says:

    A hardy amen to your sentiments for Mom. Ofcourse I know someone else very much like her by the name of CarolAnn. She is awsome too!

  4. Rachel Hale says:

    Your mother has always been and still is one of the biggest inspirations in my life…that could be why I named my daughter after her!;)

  5. Gloria says:

    Maxine Morarie, you are a great person with alot of knowldge. Your daughter Patricia loves you very much you can tell by the way she talks about you. She brought you to our class in Loveland to show you off. That is where I met you. I hope you know how much it ment for her to share you with us. One thing I learned about you is that you love all people just like me. I hope that I can be just as great of a mom to my daughters as you are to yours. You need to keep sharing your stories with others. You are a great teacher. Thank You! Gloria Galindo

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