Aussie, the seriously in need of dog therapy dog…..


Kami, the “Yo, Dude….what’s happenin’?” dog

So, during this time of year especially, our dog, Aussie, seriously needs therapy!  She is very frightened by loud noises, but she also has this sense that she can “take” anything that accompanies the loud noise.  So, an airplane flies over and she immediately spies it in the air and barks her threatening “oh yeah, bring it, I’ll take you, huge thing in the sky!  Don’t even try to come into this yard.” 

Remember, we just passed 4th of July…oh, that was really fun.  Firecrackers would send her into a barking frenzy also.  Generally, we leave her in the basement and turn on the radio full blast so she can relax and not freak out too badly while we are away watching the fireworks show.  This year we left her in the garage…I had visions of coming back and seeing stiff and done for, in full freak out mode – “eyes bulging, mouth in mid-bark….”  She survived.

Fireworks and airplanes aren’t the only thing that bothers her.  Thunderstorms – they send her over the edge!  The funny thing, though, is that we’ve determined her thought pattern – it goes like this:

  • “Oh no, here comes another thunderstorm!”
  • “Kami, Kami (our other dog)….where are you?  You must run, did you hear me?  RUNNNNN!  Get out of here, we’re doomed!”
  • “I must get out of the yard at all cost because this must only be happening in my own back yard.”

PAUSE IN THE “DOG”OLOGUE – Aussie is now frantically digging, chewing, clawing, scraping, squeezing, and maniacally merging through the wood fence posts, shovels, rocks, boulders, washing machines, chairs, and an odd assortment of other things we’ve tried to barricade our fence with so she doesn’t succeed! (Just kidding about the washing machines.)


  • “I can do this, I can get through all this crap my owners thought would keep me confined!  I am “she-dog” hear me roar!”
  • “There, I did it…..(cocks her head sideways and listens)….what?  I still hear it….oh no, it’s deafening, I’m going to die!  Help me, somebody, anybody!  I was wwrrroonnnngggg!  It’s not only my back yard!”
  • “Quick, think!  My owners are evil – they don’t care about me…they’re not even around…hmmm, the neighbors!  That’s it, they love me!  I totally want to convert and be their dog!  Forget my lousy owners, I’m done with them!”
  • “Maybe if I go sit on the neighbor’s porch, or frantically run around in their front lawn they’ll notice me!”

PAUSE IN THE “DOG”OLOGUE- She runs around and barks frantically in the neighbors yard….our faithful friend and neighbor, Zhanna appears, opens the door and allows Aussie to go inside.


  • “I’m safe!  At last — these people really love me – so what if they have a cat.  I can deal with that.  I think I’ll live here.”
  • “I’m tired….a little nap now would be good.”

Back to the Kelly house…..realize that if we’re home, we aren’t mean owners, we do bring the dogs inside and calm Aussie down.  But, when the quick moving storms move in and we’re at work or across town – this freak out scene happens over and over.  We usually come home, check the yard.  Find Kami sitting there…she looks at us like, “what’s happening?  I turn my head once and then Aussie disappears!”  We go outside, call Aussie a few times, and generally our neighbor appears with a sheepish looking dog who runs back over happily to forgive us and be “our” dog again.  It’s now become routine.

Crazy dog!  Kami is the opposite – her “DOG”OlOGUE would only be,

“What?  There was a storm?  Who knew?”

~ So, any other readers out there have crazy dogs?  What’s an owner to do?


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Donna says:

    Crack up that we both had simultaneous dog stories! My old girl, Jesse, who has sinced moved on to doggy heaven – while she was a great dog, she wasn’t perfect. It was the same thing – the worries whenever summer came around with the afternoon thunder – we came home one time and the screen door was in the yard mangled, and the wood around the door was destroyed. The poor critters – try Rescue Remedy!

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