Driving home today I was happy that I was going to be home early…until 3 cars in front of me a person in an old navy blue blazer made a stupid decision…decided to slam on his brakes and spin around across the middle of the highway on the “not really made for legal access” dirt patch in the middle of I-76 Eastbound and I-76 Westbound.  He was heading east, in the fast lane, with the rest of us, then boom, slammed his brakes, turned into the dirt patch and drove off seemingly without incident heading back to who knows where.

In the meantime, his choice severely impacted others!  The driver of the pick up behind him slammed on her brakes causing the semi truck behind her to completely plow into her and majorly crunch the back end like an accordian into the cab of the pick up.  Both the driver and her passenger were injured.  [the picture above isn’t from this event, but it looks very similar to what I saw, only it was a pick up all smashed up, not a car]

I was behind the semi and saw the whole thing unfold and dodged debri flying all over from the impact and pulled to a stop to try and help.  The drivers were all dazed and wandering around the middle of the highway median.  I called 911 and tried to help keep them all calm until help arrived.  The woman’s name was Danika, her boyfriend – the passenger’s name was Cody.  The trucker’s name was Walt.  I prayed with them and tried to encourage them as we waited.  Danika’s neck was injured and she was struggling to stand so we were able to get her settled to where she wasn’t moving…she kept shaking and was really having a hard time keeping it together.  The EMT’s arrived and ended up taking her away on a stretcher to the hospital by ambulance.  Cody was really messed up as he watched them take her away.  They were just a young couple heading home to Keenseburg, helping his mom move.  Walt, the trucker, was devastated that he had caused their injury…he was a mid-fifties nice guy, but was really, really upset.

The most frustrating thing was that it happened so fast and no one was able to get the license plate of the driver who caused the whole situation!  He just drove off leaving this wake of distruction unfolding behind him. Grrr. 

I keep thinking about this situation and the more I think about it, the more I am reminded how often this happens in life.  Too often people make a poor decision without taking into consideration how it will impact others – they leave a bunch of battered and messed up people in their wake as they storm ahead through life without looking back.  Sad! 


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. whew! Glad you dodged and were able to help.

    I often wonder how many of my stupid moves have long term effects as well.

  2. Donna says:

    Glad you were not only Not in the crash, but able and willing to help those who needed someone just as yourself there. And, glad you didn’t have to use your video thingy to call 911!!

  3. optionalg says:

    glad you are ok… that stretch of i-76 is the suck… if not just for all the broken windshields and stupid drivers.

    i feel the trainwreck that you are writing about in a lot of ho wwe live our lives. tings that we do impat the faith, potential faith, or fuel the lack of faith in others…

    the kids and i experienced one that was similar on i-25 and saw the explorer (spun out facing the wrong way.. just leave) … while a car that we were next to had a baby in the back seat.. and the trunk and back window had smashed in.. and the mom getting out screaming for her baby… uggg …

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