Have you ever longed to hear someone’s voice?  I have.  The times I am away on a trip, or someone in my family is….you can’t wait to hear their voice over the telephone.  “I’m here safe mom!”  or “I miss you, babe!”  It is a great thing to be waiting with anticipation to hear someone’s voice!  Recently my mom left for a 2 and 1/2 trip to Bolivia.  I didn’t expect to hear from her, but I definitely have been longing to hear her voice…and, she called!  From Cochabamba, Bolivia.  The ability to hear her so well amazes me.  The day of technology we live in is really something!  Back in the day, our mode of communique from Bolivia to the US was through a ham radio phone patch.  My dad would connect with another ham radio operator who would then call us locally and we’d be patched in to the radio connection.  Wierd conversations would happen:

Dad:  CP5BV, CP5BV, this is W0EXR, do you copy, over?
Russ – our ham radio operator friend in Colorado:  W0EXR, W0EXR, I copy, over?
Dad:  Does this frequency sound okay? Over.
Russ:  Roger, everything sounds good here, I’ll patch in the kids, over?

(Phone call tones…..”Hello”)

Russ:  Hi Carol Ann, got your folks on a radio phone patch, say hello.
Carol Ann (usually through misty tears of joy):  Hi Mom and Dad!  I MISS YOU!!!! Over.
Parents:  Hi Carol Ann! Over.
Me:  Hey mom and dad, great to hear you.  Over.
Parents:  How are things? (static)
Other Ham Radio Operator:  They said how are things, did you copy that? Over.
Me:  Roger, I copy. Over.
Parents:  Our connection isn’t great, but we love you! Over

People visiting had no idea why I was talking so strangely on the telephone.  I suppose they just chalked it up to another wierd missionary kid thing!

But, the point of my post is this, as I was thinking through how great it is to FINALLY hear that special voice, I wondered, do I sit in anticipation like that waiting to hear God’s voice?


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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