I am currently eating a pita with some wonderful Hummus.  Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Artichoke and Garlic Hummus.

I really like hummus, but as I have talked about eating it today at work, a few noses have skrinkled up in disgust.  Some people are telling me it’s a “texture” thing.  I also like tapioca,the wierd little noodly things that make great pudding and thicken stuff.  But Rob, he would
skrinkle up his nose at tapioca and he told me once, it was a “texture” thing. 


Another favorite of mine is flan.  Yeah, Rob doesn’t like flan either, in fact, he always calls it “flem”, ew!  I LOVE flan, so I gloriously slurp up the liquidy custard textured desert with great glee as I gaze into Rob’s skrinkled nose – disgusted looking face.  It’s a wierd fun thing to do! 

I must say, though, as much as I think it’s wierd that “textures” like the ones above wierd some people out, I do have my own list. 

  1. Chicken grissle – I’ll gag and spit it out
  2. Steak grissle – same as above
  3. Elk/Deer or other gamey meat.  Nope, not for me.  I tried once, I let it marinade, made stew and “pretended” to my family that it was beef…took one bite and said, “Hey – let’s order pizza!” It’s stringy and icky to me.
  4. Liver – It was a sick person who decided it should be ever served as food
  5. Beets – they are supposed to stay in the ground. Just enjoy their pretty leaves and let them be.
  6. Rocky Mountain Oysters – sick it….I’d have to be tortured to eat them.
  7. Runny squash – I was forced to eat this in school growing up.  I’m an adult now, I just say NO!

Those are just a few of my texture/taste issues.  What are yours?


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Gee, everything you listed I *love.* I can’t say there’s a texture that grosses me out, actually. I like just about everything. There are some textures that I don’t think are that great, but certainly none that gross me out. Now, I *HATE* the sound/feel of wet plastic wrap, but I”m not putting that in my mouth…

    Oh, wait, you know what I don’t care for – squash, like zucchini, or bell peppers that are half-way cooked and the skin squeegies against your teeth. Similar reaction to the sound/feel of wet plastic wrap.


  2. I like most of the things on your list (I *love* flan), but I can’t stand liver for exactly the reason of texture. Mushy, gritty… ugh. I like it well enough in paté form, or even chopped liver on crackers, but the typical liver and onions plate? yuck!

    I hate mushrooms in certain dishes for the same reason — to me, it’s the same texture as liver, although I’m sure others would disagree. I enjoy mushrooms raw or in sauces, but show me a big pile of wet, quivering mushrooms on a plate… blech!

  3. Donna says:

    Cooked Spinach
    Gristley Meat, especially Sausage type stuff
    Hot Dogs
    Chicken Skin
    Gummy Bears
    Boiled Meat
    Big Hunks of cooked Red Meat (I could be an Accidental Vegetarian)
    Tiny sweet Tomatoes, but I force myself ’cause they’re so good
    Tough String beans that get caught in your teeth like sticks
    Mystery “products” inside Burritos
    Plastic or Paper that gets left in food
    Hair in food
    Rainbow White Bread that gets Gummy – gag
    Foie Gras
    Overcooked Oatmeal
    Butter by Itself
    How’s that?

  4. Jenny Freyta says:

    I LOVE hummus!!!!! It’s so cool to find someone else who enjoys it too. Brandon thinks I’m crazy, he gags at the sight of it. This will sound weird, but the only food I absolutely will not eat because I would get sick, is cooked carrots. I don’t know if it’s the texture or the taste, no it’s definitely the taste- they’re the one food I will never eat. Brandon’s the same. I guess if our kids are ever going to try cooked carrots, they’ll have to do it elsewhere. 😉

  5. cakboliv says:

    Ew…yeah, Donna, I totally agree with chicken skin…I’m so bad I refuse to cook anything but chicken breast that I have personally de-skinned and taken off the fat clumps that are there…..icky! And Tripe and Haggas…never meant to be food, I’m sure of it! Great list, Donna!

    Jenny, cooked carrots are dumb, I agree. They should only be eaten crisp and dipped in ranch, right?!

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