As I continue to hear about the Ted Haggard Scandal, I am increasingly sad.  Sad for his family, his friends, his church, the Church, and for Ted himself.   It’s easy to point accusing fingers, or lash out at what seems unfair, but as I was mulling over all the news reports and talk shows I felt like something was missing – the challenge to stand in the gap and pray for this man and this situation.  In that light, this is the best response I have seen yet to the situation: 

Ted Haggard Scandal…No Laughing Matter

Regardless of your views on Ted Haggard, this is affecting a real family in a very real and harsh way – I can’t imagine his wife’s emotional pain, let alone that of his 5 children.  How are you responding?  Are you praying? Or are you adding to this family’s pain with your words.  No one is immune to sin and failure, everyone is offered God’s grace.


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Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Donna says:

    You couldn’t have said more concise words – can we put this in the headlines?:

    No one is immune to sin and failure, everyone is offered God’s grace.

  2. a2jbigdaddy says:

    beautiful. I tried to help my youth group understand this last night. I wish I would have read this first (not that I did a bad job mind you), you put it very simple and accurate. We prayed as a group for him, his family, his church, and the Body of believers across the nation. Thank you. And Greg did a wonderful and authentic job as well.

  3. CAK says:

    Thanks a2jbigdaddy.

    When things like this come to light in such a public way, it only reinforces to me how Big our God is and how wide his grace and love extends – humanly I am not capable of extending grace to such extremes, but thankfully, God is! I know God is grieved, but I know he desires to see His child restored…not removing consequences, but providing a path to healing and restoration for His child and the courage to go there.

    I will continue to pray for him, his family and for Mike Jones who also desperately needs to understand who God his need for a personal relationship with Jesus.

  4. “The name and fame of Jesus Christ?” Sorry, preacher, but the name and “fame” of Jesus is quite secure. It’s us fallen humans who are risk!
    The Ted tragedy is not so much that another human has failed God sexually (we all fail God in one way or another) but that he was a hypocrite in publicly opposing what he himself indulged in. And his influence is in direct proportion to how hypocritical he was.
    Christians need to get back to worshipping God and following Christ and not worshipping politics and following political “Leaders!”
    May the love of Christ and the forgiveness of God inhabit your whole being.
    David Perkins
    Lay preacher
    Fort Worth, Texas

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