So, we all have them, Christmas memories that is…here is one of mine:

Growing up in Bolivia, Christmas always fell in the middle of our summer.  We’d open our presents, Dad would read the Christmas story from Luke, and then we’d usually gather for dinner with other missionary families and any “orphans” who were away from their families who needed a place to spend Christmas.  After we ate, the adults would settle in to visit or nap, but us kids would get our swimming suits on and head to the nearest neighborhood pool to swim away the afternoon.  What fun!

Well, one Christmas my little sister got a really cool easel blackboard thing.  My mom actually managed to wrap it up and place it by our little silver tinsel tree. 

“Mom, what’s in that big present for me?” (with great anticipation my sister would ask)

“A door, honey.” (with a twinkle in her eye, mom would answer)

“Really?” (my sister, with a look of peculiar disappointment)

“Oh, yes.” ( mom would confidently say)

The conversation repeated itself often leading up to Christmas.  Finally the moment arrived, my sister anxiously ripped off the wrapping paper and sat back astonished, there sat a really cool blackboard easel just ready for hours of enjoyment.  We all waited for her cries of joy, we knew she’d love this new addition to her room.  But, no, she sat back and started crying – she really thought she’d be getting a door and so was terribly disappointed because she evidentally had thought up all kinds of things she was going to do with a brand new door!  It was quite funny – actually quite “a-door-able” ha! 

After a while she recovered and did grow to love playing with her new blackboard. 🙂

(So, what are some of your fun Christmas memories?)


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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