The blues. 
A dark room, swaying bodies, cool cats –
the melancholy notes of a jazz band.
Saxaphone.  Melting away the stresses of life.
My mind sways to the swanky beat,
Taking my thoughts to a relaxing place
                                      of indigo. 

Fresh, alive, youthful!  
I can conquer anything.
Nothing can stop me,  
no one will tell me “no”    
I feel like shouting,
  Capturing everyone’s attention      
I am capable.
Freedom pulses through my veins.       
A sweet fragrance wafts around me –
  flowers are brilliant, 
                            the sun is sizzling. 

The threat of danger
 overwhelms me. 
Defeat, frustration – 
my mood is black.  
                 It contaminates everything around me.     
The cold rain slips into every corner of my being.
                   Hope unravels. Everywhere I turn – dismal,  
the dreary cold is there.
Will there ever be warmth again?
Emotions CLASH  within me.
I just want simplicity.
I just want peace.
I am lost in a vicious spiral of conflict.

A song whispers across the air  
filled with sorrow,
proclaiming to an uncaring, unknowing world
the loss of a mother, sister, daughter.
Life continues to swirl.
The song begs that she not be forgotten
her death a plea for life to change,
a chance for generations left behind.
The mournful tone reaches out
          to the walls of a concrete soul.
Is anyone listening?
Will change ever come?
In the distance
the courageous dare  
to hope.

An effort in poetry written in response to listening to music from Harlem. 


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

3 responses »

  1. Rob says:

    Successful effort. I like!

  2. optionalg says:

    rob… stop kissing up.

    nice staggered prose… like e. e. cummings or something.

    i am in the room snapping my fingers sister friend

  3. marie says:

    bravo, you put me in the room, listening to jazz or better yet, the heart-beat of jazz. i love that it takes courage to hope. love your stuff sista.

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