I’ve learned that the best thing for me to do to avoid the health hazard of a HUGE but stylish handbag is to distribute the weight better…maybe carry it on my head.  I know it will look weird, but, just know it’s for my health!  And, at least there’s a possibility in the future that the purse I buy will be equipped with a “cute” warning tag!  I wonder if they can add a “talking voice” to the warning tags that works kind of like a motion detector…you’d walk up to the purse rack and the warning tags would dutifully start their warnings: 

 “Warning, entering a hazardous area.  Caution, step back and reconsider.” 

Maybe they could hire the same voice that cautions you about the “moving walkways” in the airport!

 Here’s the story prompting all these interesting thoughts.

He urged designers “to place a cute, educational caution tag on all bags to inform of potential neck and shoulder dangers.”

 I know the warnings for health concerns are not a bad thing, I just wonder howI’ve made it this far in life!  Growing up I didn’t have a bicycle helmet, I didn’t own knee pads to rollerskate with, I ran around in the jungles without sunscreen, I ate greasy steak and potatoes and all kinds of other fatty fried foods, …wow, I’m a walking billboard for a hazardous lifestyle!  At least I’m well informed on the hazardous handbag I’m carrying!


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Jenny Freyta says:

    That is hilarious. I just love all these weird comments people are doing now to protect themselves from the “sue-happy”s in the world. It still makes me laugh to see the warning on Starbuck’s cups that the contents are extremely hot. To be careful. It’s a miracle we’ve lived as long as we have without those warnings! 😉

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