Crazy things always happen to me, more than others maybe….or others just aren’t as willing to share! 

I was just sharing this story with two friends the other night – so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy:

A couple of years ago, Rob, who knows me well, tells me, “I don’t think you should ever use the car wash at 128th and Colorado.”  Simple statement that basically turned into a “I dare you to do it anyway” thought. (ADVICE:  Listen to your husband, he knows you!)

I’m perfectly capable of using a car wash – really, but this one, well it’s the kind you have to aim your tires onto perfectly and then it has the grabber things that suck you into the garage-like place where you get attacked by flying brushes, suds, water, a hair-dryer thing that has the power to make you bald if you used it on your head instead of the car…you know the kind of car wash I’m talking about.

Well, it was cold outside, icy in fact, but my car had all the “schluckness” on it from driving down mucky streets (much like they are right now).  I confidently pulled up to the puller-inner things that grab your tires and the next thing I knew my car was sideways and even over the top of the little curb thing by the grassy place before the entrance.  Hmmm…that’s never good.  I’m sure there are surveilance cameras and the gas station people quickly turned off their TV and tuned into the show that was live right outside their building!

So, I’m not proud of this, but I decided my only option of getting out of this predicament I’d gotten myself in was God!  I prayed and acknowledged to Him that I shouldn’t even be in this predicament, but if He’d just help me get out of it….   🙂

I decided full throttle reverse was my only option.  I locked into reverse and gunned it!  Miracles of miracles!  I managed to spin totally backwards and in a circle but still able to get my car pointing in the right direction with a little maneuvering in the ridiculously narrow driveway they built for this stupid car wash! (ADVICE:  If this ever happens to you, at this moment when you’re free, you should  just drive away and called it good.)

Well, I had already paid for this obnoxious car wash and didn’t want to lose my $2.50!  So, I carefully tried to aim at the grabber-inner  tire-puller things again.  This time they grabbed the tires and I was on my way into the pit of horror.  Inside there were these terrible sounds and as my car was spanked with huge spirally brushes and then drenched with water that came out with the force of Niagra Falls.   Then I heard a huge clunkety sound and thought,  “Hmmmm…not a normal sound!”  Finally the turbines that run the water shooter out part lulled to a dull roar, the brushes stopped spinning, and the garage door opened up on the other side for me to leave.  I drove out slowly, a little in shock from the ordeal.  I still heard a wierd noise, so I stopped the car and looked it over.  Nothing out of the ordinary…I cranked up my stereo and was on my way.

A few days later….I had a flat tire.  Rob took the car to Discount to get it replaced.  They kindly informed him that it looked like someone had beat the tar out of the wheel rims.  When he shared this news with me with a questioning look in his eye, I merely said:

“Yeah, I probably went to the car wash you told me not to!”  🙂

(Note:  I now avoid the whole car wash thing as much as possible.  If I have to break down, I go to the person-operated places.  It’s working out much better for me!)


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Donna says:

    I promise not to laugh out loud to your face or in the vicinity of your face. However I may smile….knowingly.

  2. marie says:

    I love your extensive vocabulary in thingys and dohickeys. I laughed so hard, I… you know. I’m still laughing.

  3. a2jbigdaddy says:

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! This has got to be the greatest literary work on the face of the planet!!! Your vocabulary of the mechanical world is profound! I am still laughing. I wonder if God has like this CCTV thing with Tivo…lol. I am not sure, but I think you can be very proud of that spinning around in reverse maneuver you did….That takes skill and practice (I do it in my church parking lot every time it snows)

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