I’ve always had an active imagination.  Great for entertaining little kids…bad for working myself up into a frenzy of concern or worry.  This morning it happened.  I came downstairs with minutes to spare to take Elise to school and was going to let Kami and Aussie (the K-dogs) out to do their deal.  Well, Kami was there wagging her tail as usual…very ready to go outside.  I called out for Aussie to come….”Aussie!”  Nada, nothing.  “Aussie girl!”…..silence except for Kami’s tail swooshing through the air rapidly….”Aussie? Where are you?”  Then it started….

I immediately realized that Aussie was probably left out all night long and I’d find her frozen little body scrunched into some leftover snow bank in the back yard.  Heart thumping and with Kami running alongside me for comfort and encouragement, I headed out in the backyard…”Aussie!  Are you out here?”  I looked around for bits of black tail peeping out from the snow…nope, nothing.  Then I remembered … Kami and Aussie have been diligently digging a hole near the side of the house…I bet Aussie’s poor little frozen corpse was tucked away inside the hole.  Cautiously I peered inside the hole, totally freaking myself out.  I thought I saw something – dang it, I was right!  No, wait, it was just a fluffy piece of something or other that they’s added to their little den.  Whew!  On with the search….

I went back inside.  Hmmm.  Where could she be?  Aha – I bet the last daughter of mine that was up the night before (ahem, BETHANY) forgot to let her out of the basement.  That’s it!  I ran downstairs, glanced around…nothing!  Oh, no!  She really is dead somewhere, I concluded!  I was now completely freaked out (I guess I care more about Aussie than I’d realized!)  I ran upstairs to check the bathroom…she probably crawled in there to die! Nope.  I ran back downstairs into Robbin’s room, waking her up…”Have you seen Aussie?”   

“ERmph, Mom!”  She muttered from under her gigantic pile of blankets.  Nope….no help here!

I ran back upstairs.. “Rob, Bethany….has anyone seen Aussie?  I think she’s frozen – dead somewhere – or she ran away!!!!”  They hopped awake to attention.  Then I sprang back downstairs.  I ran to get Kami to go out looking again.  Kami was looking at me with that “Seriously, your an idiot!” look that dogs can do to their owners sometimes.  She was calmly looked down the basement stairs.  I followed her look…whatever!  Aussie was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me sleepily like, “what’s the big deal?”

I think she must have been hiding under the desk in the dark where I couldn’t see her and since she’s old and half deaf now, she didn’t hear me calling. 

Oh, well, at least I keep my family entertained!!!!!


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

4 responses »

  1. hikeoflife says:

    Are you sure it was Aussie, or someone from your previous post? j/k

  2. Donna says:

    Pets, can’t live with ’em, can’t live with ’em. We couldn’t find the hairless one morning (missed the bus then) and looked everywhere, as I try to at least eyeball all the critters before leaving for the day – after 20 minutes he was located deep into a crevice in Tori’s blankets with just the ears sticking out. I suppose we must be attached to them in some fashion….

  3. Spence says:

    You are so funny. So let me get this straight…you’re blaming Aussie for being too OLD to hear you, but it was you that couldn’t see her right? JUST KIDDING! lol

  4. optionalg says:

    that is how koreans keep the meat cold…

    sorry. glad that aussie was not a frozen pup-scicle

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