It’s RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS WEEK!  I love the concept.  I wish more people lived it out every single day!  Nothing melts my heart more than seeing a teenager reach out and help an elderly person, or a father gently reach down to help a child who hurt themselves, or a neighbor who reaches out to help with yardwork for another neighbor who can’t get out to do it due to illness….there’s so many ways to participate with a RAOK!  I’m now thinking of the many things I might be able to do!  It’s even more fun if you can do this and remain anonymous.   I have several things in mind.  I challenge each of my readers to consider participating and share your stories if you can.  Here are some simple ideas: 

  1. Send an email or e-card to remind someone you’re thinking of them – choose someone you haven’t reached out to in a long time.
  2. Call someone long distance just to tell them you wanted to hear their voice.
  3. Let someone go in front of you in the line at the grocery store, bank, etc.
  4. Instead of speeding up and driving in such a hurry, smile and wave the car over who needs to merge into your lane of traffic!
  5. Roll down your window and yell, “Thanks for your hard work!” to the construction workers at a road construction site.
  6. Leave some homemade goodies and a “thank you” note for your trash pick up workers.
  7. If you see a young mom struggling with groceries and kids in the parking lot, offer to help.
  8. Pay for someone’s groceries — or meal — or ???
  9. Send a note of encouragment to a teacher, youth leader, pastor, boss, or other leader.
  10. Call a young mom and offer to sit with the kids so she can have a couple of hours off.
  11. Send someone flowers for no reason.
  12. Give someone an unexpected back rub.
  13. Hug someone and tell them you care about them.
  14. Write a letter – not done too much anymore and it’s still so much fun to receive a letter in the mailbox instead of the pile of bills and credit card offers!
  15. Send an electronic gift certificate to someone just because….like to
  16. Write a love note to your kids just because.
  17. Fix a great dinner unexpectedly for someone.

The list really never ends…will you take advantage of this silly excuse to do something nice for someone else, randomly, just because?  I hope so! 🙂


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. optionalg says:

    i will be kind and not say anything about how much i hate the ‘practice random acts of kindness’ bumper stickers..

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