First of all, the musical went GREAT!  Many rehearsals, and 5 performances (2 matinees and 3 evening) later… the girls are done!  The whole cast did an amazing job and a good time was had by all.  What fun!  To all those who came and supported the Kelly girls – a big Thank You!

Memory lane…watching my girls on stage, I realized how fast time is spinning.  It was Bethany’s last high school musical – she graduates in May.  And Elise only has 2 more years!  My mind often goes back in time at times like this…capturing moments of days gone by…how could it be that Reno Sweeney in the musical used to be a little shy girl, too shy to even ask her teacher for anything so she had to have a friend do it for her?  How could it be that the fun Old Lady passenger was the little girl who’d come sleepily into the room and say, Mommy, I’m so tired, please put me to bed!”

I love remembering the Days of Chaos – when I was a young mother of 3 adorable little girls!  It was great fun being able to stay at home with them.  Our house was never quite in order, but we had great fun — picnics in the basement, building forts, reading stories, playing dress up, taking naps, walking to the park, etc.  I always felt like I was running in circles, never could quite accomplish what I set out to each day and life was always chaotic…but the memories now are such fun!  Elise had to do an art project for school recently and needed a childhood story to create with construction paper and pictures.  We chose the “roly poly castle” story.

Elise was fascinated by roly pollies.  So much so that we bought her a “pill bug” book, the official name for roly pollies we found out…they are also referred to as isopods.    🙂   One summer she spent hours and hours in the backyard (somewhere around the age of 4) searching for roly pollies.  She’d carefully gather them up and play with them.  It’s kind of creepy if you think about it…playing with bugs all day – in fact it really “bugs” me,  now that I think about it…(not really, but I wanted to make an intended pun…I know, I know, it’s only funny to me…)  Anyway one summer day I could hardly open our door.  Elise had decided to build a roly poly castle for her newfound pets.  She worked hard on this amazing castle (commonly known as a huge mound of dirt to the rest of the world).  It was very cute.   As the castle grew, so did the awkwardness of opening our door!  I finally had to concoct a story about why we needed to relocate all the roly pollies in the roly poly castle…she bought it and we finally had access to the yard again.  🙂

Take a moment today to walk down memory lane…remember a story in your past, with your kids, a good friend, a sibling, a spouse….something that you can treasure and enjoy! 


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Tara says:

    okay, this made me cry. Probably because I’m in the crazy 2 stage and I’m trying to remember to enjoy and relax in it instead of wanting to move from it. Thanks Carol. xoxo

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