Yesterday morning we woke up to our daughter, Robbin, letting us know that the hot water heater was leaking all over the basement floor.   She had woken up thinking someone was taking a shower in her shower….turns out it was the dripping water heater leak she was hearing.

So, yesterday we were all the Smelly Kelly’s as most of us didn’t get to take showers in the morning – Elise had managed to get a quick shower in before the heat faded away.  Having to be creative since I couldn’t shower, I sported the 332 bobby pin hairstyle…it caused a range of wierd comments:  “Did you cut you’re hair?  Oh, no, it’s just all pinned in back.”  “Hmmmm….you look like Jane Seymour in that movie about time travel with Christopher Reeve.”  “Huh, that might be what you look like in your 80’s.” 

Rob and a good friend of ours were able to replace the hot water heater last night…it went very smoothly.  The last time the hot water heater was replaced, I was scrounging for our insurance paperwork and taking the girls out of the house…Rob and another good friend of ours were changing it out and were twisting the gas line pipe things…it looked pretty precarious to me!  This time it seemed everything was under control and sure enough, a few hours and many “pesos” later they were done and we were the proud owners of a new hot water heater.

Not having a shower yesterday made me remember the times in Bolivia where there were no traditional showers available…I’ve taken a “shower” under a pipe running out of a rain barrel, I’ve bathed in rivers, I’ve dunked my head in an outdoor sink of cold water when it was the only option…it made me remember how blessed I really am.  We sure take a lot for granted most of the time and forget to be thankful for the seemingly common daily amenities we have access to.

Today the hot shower I took never felt so good.  🙂  I’m very thankful, and I think I’ll retire the 332 Bobby Pin hairstyle – at least until I’m in my 80’s! 


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Donna says:

    Smelly Kellys, that’s funny. Guess you guys don’t camp do you? How about Wet Ones?

    When living in Montana out in the country I filled an outdoor tub with water and left it in the sun and had the most glorious sun warmed bath “out back” . Well, so it was summertime.

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