It was that kind of day today – the Payless shoes and chocolate chip cookies kind of day.  The kind of day when you looked outside and knew you had to get out of the office for lunch at least.  Then of course this popped into my brain, “Self, you probably need to take a field trip to the nearest Payless to check out there latest options!”  After all, this past weekend I had done a shoe cleansing of shoes that looked old now, some even looked a little grandmotherly (not that that’s a bad thing) to me – why did I buy them again?  Anyway, I grabbed Robbin and Mandy and we were off on our field trip over our lunch hour. 

Seventeen shoe trying on sessions later, exhausted and hungry, we ventured into Target – no new shoes in hand.  Twenty shoe trying sessions later, still exhausted and hungry, we left the shoe department.  Glancing at our watches, we realized we needed to hit the grocery aisles of Super Target for something to eat — and then I got a new idea, since the shoe thing didn’t pan out, we needed to buy chocolate chip cookies and cook them in the old (been through twenty families already) donated toaster oven.  With a prayer that there really was a little cookie pan thing at the office, we bought the cookies + an odd assortment of other things for sustenance over the next few days, and we were off, back to the office with moments of our lunch hour to spare.

I happily strode into our fabulous break room/kitchen/workroom/conference room/assembly room/etc. room and looked for the pan I knew was there – it wasn’t…oh, no!  Determination set in and Mandy saved the day by suggesting we use aluminum foil and make our own cookie sheet thing.  We would not be “foiled” oh, no, not us! Okay, that was really corny, sorry.  So we created a makeshift cookie sheet, popped in the cookies, estimate the cooking time, freaked everyone out that we were baking cookies in a toaster oven – some were even thinking we’d created a fire hazard.  Ah, but then, the aroma, of fresh cooked chocolate chip cookies filled the office.  I have to admit I was maybe 2% skeptical that it wouldn’t work either, after all, it’s not an oven, oven, just a toaster oven…but it did have the word oven in it!  I’m happy to report that it worked great!  We even delivered a plate of cookies to a bunch of stern faces having a meeting and created some smiles!

Yep – it was that kind of day today – payless shoes and chocolate chip cookies – only, I never did buy any shoes…I guess there’s always tomorrow!  


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Suzi says:

    It would not have mattered if the toaster oven did not work…cookie dough would make you just as happy 😀

  2. Mmmmm… that sounds awesome. What is it with the shoe thing? I would venture that 90% of the shoes I buy I never wear. But shopping for them is so amazingly therapeutic! Chocolate chip cookies, too — although I like the dough best.

  3. Donna says:

    Now those are cute shoes – if you could’ve gotten those PLUS the CC cookie dough, now THAT’s a day!

  4. Stephanie says:

    THAT’S why the office smelled so awesome yesterday. I was at lunch during your cooking venture and had no idea what was smelling so good when I came back.
    mystery solved. (c:

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