Today is high school graduation day for Bethany, my most favorite second daughter!  🙂  Here’s a few memories, thoughts, from the past 18 years…

  • Born over a week past her due date….share’s the same birthday as Carmello Anthony, Brad Sorensen, John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, and her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson.
  • Born with beautiful auburn hair
  • Painfully shy as a toddler and young girl
  • Calling your pre-kindergarten teacher….”Yes, she’s still crying, but she’ll be okay!”  Dad had to almost pin me down from racing to the school to “rescue” you!
  • Having to depend on Chandra to be your “voice” in kindergarten and first grade because you were too shy to talk to your teachers!
  • Piano recitals – you started lessons at around 5 years old – your little legs swinging under the piano bench, your face concentrating on the music.  Now the house fills with amazing sounds whenever you play the piano.  Thanks, piano teachers!  Your investment paid off! 
  • Teaching yourself to read – crying because I threw away the newspaper and you hadn’t read the comics yet – I didn’t really believe you until you read them to me out loud…you were only 4! 
  • Scary times – lots of prayer, overcoming some really serious health issues as a toddler – Thanks God!  You are faithful!
  • Swinging on the cupboard doors as “Peter Pan” until you crashed into the cupboard, bringing out all my wedding crystal and china with you on the way back out – you looking at me in horror with broken pieces all around you!  That’s when I had to really put in to practice what I always told you and your sisters…”People are more important than things! Things can be replaced, people can’t.” 
  • Singing at the top of your lungs, in a perfect vibrato, “Beauty and the Beast” just like the tea pot’s voice when you were 3.
  • “I did a damn fine job, didn’t I Daddy!” you exclaimed at 4 years old, after watering the front lawn.   All we could do after the shock was laugh!
  • Soccer games with your friend Julie Taylor.  Both of you looked like you could be blown over by the wind, but you gave it all you had!  Watching Grandpa Morarie smile with pride as he watched you on the sidelines.  “That’s my grand-daughter!” he would proudly tell people!  He’s watching you from heaven now and still exclaiming the same thing, I’m sure!
  • Finding out you needed glasses in 3rd grade – having you exclaim, “Wow, I can see the leaves on the trees!” after you got your first pair of glasses!  I definitely didn’t earn the “mother of the year” award that year!
  • A switch went off in 4th grade and you blossomed out of the shy phase of your life into a very well adjusted, opinionated (in a good way) and confident young lady!
  • “Norma Jean!  Ask me again and I’ll hit you with a wing!” – the children’s musical at church, you stole the show as the littlest angel with a sassy attitude!
  • Basketball games – Broomfield Rec Center, then other competitive leagues and high school.  Long drives all over the Metro area from Ft. Collins to Parker and everywhere in between.
  • Many trips to the nurse’s office at Malley Drive Elementary school because you always bumped heads with Megan Harris!
  • Hanging out with the Bakers –  Carson, Ethan and Savannah love their Bessie!
  • Cooking with Megan – the kitchen never looked the same.
  • Northeast Middle School – the years flew by – Horizon High School – it seemed like you just started there and you’ve now finished 4 years!
  • Audrey Hepburn – knowing all the words to Breakfast at Tiffany’s!  Finally going to Tiffany’s in New York…
  • Leaving you and your sisters behind when Dad and I went to visit the Prus family in Thailand…seeing your tearful face with a “thumbs down” in the back of the church van as you headed out of the parking lot to Camp Como!  I almost cancelled our trip!
  • The Pelletiers – always there to keep you and your sisters for us whenever we couldn’t take you with us on a trip. 
  • Adding many people to enrich our lives that we’ll always love –  Louis, Jessica J, Jessica C, Noah, Catherine, Kevin, Miguel, Melissa C., Julie T., Megan H., and so many more!
  • Starting a great tradition for the other “Morarie” family girls – having Grandma Morarie make you a quilt – it’s beautiful and will always be something you treasure from your grandma!
  • Mission trip to Juarez, Mexico when you were just a little girl – helping me hold signs for VBS, making friends with Sarai and her family – exchanging hugs and tears when it was time to leave.
  • Mission trip to Xoaca, Mexico – being saved by Aunt Julia who let you off the hook from eating all your food…the stories of dogs in the outhouse, running into Robbin’s arms when you came back
  • Mission trip to England, and an amazing backpacking trip with Robbin and our good friend, Dan, through Italy! Pictures of you smiling with gelato all over your face!
  • The “amazing” roller coaster you and your dad created for a class project….
  • High school drama and musical performances – wowing all of us as Reno Sweeney in “Anything Goes”(check it out at, type in Bethany Kelly in the search)
  • Becoming a great piano teacher yourself!  I love listening in on the piano lessons you give – your students love you and you do such a great job connecting with them and helping them discover the amazing gift of music!
  • Praise Team – watching you worship, Bethany, inspires me and so many others, connecting us to God in a powerful way!

Bethany – I am so proud of you.  The memories flood my mind today and there’s so much I could list, but I know I’ve probably already embarrassed you.  Your dad, myself, your sisters – we all love you so much and will be cheering you on as you begin this next chapter in your life!  Look out, DU, here she comes!  Bethany thank you for your love of life and all you have taught me over the years.  Being your mom is one of my favorite things in life and I hope you know how very much I love you!

 (Here’s her Dad’s take on this wonderful event!)


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. stephanie says:

    aww…what a cool way to celebrate!

    i don’t know bethany, but she sounds like one cool kid…and if she’s anything like you and robbin, then it’s a sure thing! (c:

  2. What an amazing tribute to your daughter. I’m glad you have so many fun memories to share together. It’s hard to watch them grow up, but it’s also so rewarding. I’m sure she feels just as blessed to call you “Mom” as you do to call her “daughter”.

  3. Jenny Freyta says:

    Wow, CAK! I’m all teary eyed, and I haven’t even known Bethany for very long. You have done an amazing job raising all your girls into Godly, incredible young women. I hope I do half as well with my own children someday. Thanks for sharing the stories- they gave me some much needed laughter today! 🙂 Congratulations Bethos!

  4. Jeanie says:

    I can’t believe you had any energy left to actually go through all those rememberances (I know how you have to relive that stuff while you are writing it)- you ARE supermom!

    The yard watering thing made me laugh my head off!
    Last summer, when Tristan’s mower wouldn’t start, Gavin, in commisseration asked, “What the hell?”

    In those moments, you ponder – what? am I raising a prisoner-to-be here? But based on how Bethany is turning out, I think we’ll all be ok!

  5. Too funny on the watering thing, and Jeanie’s comment. We were in Target one day and the youngest daughter said, at the top of her lungs, at Christmas time so the place was PACKED, “What… in… the… hell… is… that?” My solution was to just turn and walk away from the MANY people that were staring. I caught up with her a few aisles later.

  6. That was so nice! and I don’t even know your family! I hope you all have a wonderful summer together!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! no, i haven’t watched the finale again yet…maybe this weekend. I am working crazy hours, so who knows.

    As for another DVD TV series, I am OBESSED with Grey’s Anatomy. but I think another one i would like to watch from the beginning again would be Gilmore Girls or House.

  7. Donna says:

    Thanks for letting us crash your party and graduation. You guys are truly proud parents, and have a right to be.

  8. Mariana Wakefield says:

    I love reading all the stories of Bethany’s life!
    It was a privilege to be there at the graduation and cheer and love on her with you guys!
    By the way, I LOVED seeing the video of the musical again! Bethany is SO talented, oh my goodness!!
    I love the Kellys!! 😉

  9. thanks for stopping again!

    13 weeks ago i slipped on the ice and broke my leg and ankle, had surgery to fix it the same day. The Dr says it will be a year until I am 100%, since it was a very bad fracture. That seems like too far away for impatient me!

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