So, this past week we had wind that blew so hard if you were in Denver and weren’t secured to something, you’d have been blown all the way to Kansas!  Well, probably the wind wasn’t blowing quite that hard, but it was definitely more than a nice little breeze!  I came home and heard wierd scraping noises on our patio and looked out to see our patio furniture tumbling around…the umbrella in our table looked like it would snap at any moment and even though the thing that the umbrella sits in is a beast to move normally, it was also scraping across the patio.  I ran outside and pulled the umbrella down, moved the chairs to a safe place and then looked around at the flowers I had planted the week before for the “beautification of the back yard project – for the big Grad Party”.  Yikes!  The tall feathery plant thing (I don’t claim to be a gardner who knows her flowers, I just pick ones I think are pretty) was almost snapping from the wind.  I grabbed that pot, plus 2 others and took them inside – looking a bit like this guy:

Then I rememberd the hanging snapdragons (one of the few flowers’ names I do know) and went out to check them.  Amazingly enough, they were doing great.  I realized that they had enough movement on their own to work with the wind.  I’m sure there’s a scientific reason why their natural swaying helped them stay secure in the wind (Chang? Joel?) but it was an interesting observation for me.

The K-dogs were also interesting to watch – they looked a little drunk as they tried to run straight into the house, but the wind  would make them stagger.  I may have let them out more than I needed to just to watch them – it was quite amusing.  Their ears flapped uncontrollably in the wind.  🙂 

The next post-wind day, I was outside talking to my neighbor.  We were discussing all the damage that happened as a result of the wind.  A few friends’ trees were uprooted and branches broken.  She mentioned that her worry had been a robin’s nest in her front yard tree filled with baby robins.  She kept checking them, but the mama robin had wisely chosen where she built the nest and they were all safe and secure.

So, why write these thoughts down?  Because along with the wind in the weather, there have been “winds” in my life lately.  I learned from the snapdragons to be flexible enough to ride with the wind and from the mama robin to choose wisely where to reside (the right tree = the right people to surround me) so that when the windstorms come, I am safe. 


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Donna says:

    My nephew was driving here across Kansas in that wind! My columbines were laying over after looking so beautiful. But, apparently I am still standing. Hmmm.

  2. Nice commentary. I like the way you waited until the very end to draw it together. It was a great “ah-ha” moment. I hope I’m learning to be flexible enough to withstand the winds in my life. I hope the windstorms in your life subside soon!

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