Sunday was great fun.  Of course the fun began with honoring Rob for Father’s Day.  His day of choice…(after preaching at church) a big fat Chicken Fajita Burrito from Chipotle followed by an afternoon of taking in the US Open, a Nascar Race, a nap, reading the paper, checking sports stats on the computer….etc.  Our gift to him (after he was showered with presents on Sat. from his girls – 3 shirts and flip flops) was to leave him at peace to do all the above mentioned things!  🙂

We took off to Adams County Fairgrounds where a bunch of friends of mine – who also grew up as missionary kids in Bolivia and their families – got together for our annual mini-reunion that my brother Mark organizes.  We added several close soccer-playing friends to the mix from the area and had a great time playing soccer and volleyball for a several hours in the near record temp of 100 degrees!  One couple mentioned that they had a hard time finding us until they saw a ridiculous group of people playing soccer in the heat!  The rest of the park attenders were huddled under shade trees, or napping on blankets. 🙂 

We’ve gotten together like this often over the years.  I remember the early days of getting together…the kids were all little toddlers running around playing together.  Now the Wiebe boys tower over the rest of us and my girls are some of the older kids – there were even a few grandkids running around!  It’s wierd that I am now in the group of parents who are “old” like my parents were whenever we used to get together when we were kids.  I’m now one of the “old” ones, even though I fought that identity as hard as I could on the soccer field! (Monday morning my body reminded me swiftly through creaky bones and sore muscles, however, that, yes, Carol Ann, you are one of the “old” ones now!) 

I love seeing old friends (even if we’re all “old” now).  I love catching up and reminiscing about the good old days!  My friend Carol Cutforth brought all our missionary kid school (Tambo) yearbooks called “The Kantuta”.  We had some good laughs looking up old school pics.  My girls found it quite hilarious that I was a cheerleader once.  It was a brief lapse in my mental state, and it was only because they needed another girl “sturdy” enough to be on the bottom of the pyramids they’d make.  Though many of us were from different years in school, we all shared the common thread of living out a childhood in a Bolivia, not Bolivian, not American, but somewhere caught in the wonderful world between, where when you keep the right perspective, it gives you depth and a world awareness that you can’t have otherwise without that experience!  Jungle life stories, having wierd jungle animals (tapirs, ant eaters, monkeys, parrots, toucon birds, snakes, etc.) as pets, boarding school pranks, living in unstable political conditions, speaking several languages, having a family that extends all over the United States – yep, being a missionary kid is THE BEST!



About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Donna says:

    What a great way to live to have connections/family nearby rooting throughout your life and lifetime. Growing old ain’t so bad that way, ‘cept in 100 degrees on a soccer field – Buncha looney tunes! ;^)

  2. stephanie says:

    you can’t be that old if you at least managed to play soccer in 100 degree weather (next day soreness or no)…props to you, my friend!!! (c;

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