Many fun days were spent in Breckenridge!  Rob and I had a great time. Here’s a few things we did while we were away:

  • Ate too much – favorite dinner – filet mignon stuffed with blue cheese and garlic cloves at the Steak and Rib – just across from Carver’s bike rental on main street.
  • Bought 2 fun hats…
  • Sat alongside the banks of the river, ate our burritos (not Chipotle, for sure…but, we tried)
  • Slept a ton!
  • Read until we couldn’t see straight – Rob even cracked open a FICTION book…ooh, aah!  It’s something about The Constitution…he was thinking he could still learn something from it 🙂
  • Watched the rest of  24, the last season we had that’s out on DVD – No one talk about the most recent season that just ended…we still have to watch it and the DVDs aren’t released yet….we’re thinking it starts out with Jack escaping from China?  Just a guess….but don’t tell us!!!!
  • Watched most of season 1, King of Queens – laughed a ton!
  • Started a new DVD series we’re not sure about yet…
  • Played SCRABBLE (I didn’t win, in case you care, and no, I’m not bitter!  Just ready for a rematch – and, just so you know, Rob gloated a little bit…shame, shame.)
  • Hiked (about a 4 mile hike)
  • Tandem Biked (about 15 miles – it was fun going downhill…not so much climbing back up to Breckendridge from Frisco!)
  • Shopped – at the outlet stores…FUN DAY for Carol Ann! 
  • Walked
  • Talked
  • Listened to music
  • Saw wildlife
  • Soaked in the fresh mountain air
  • Checked out the beautiful mountain views
  • People watched
  • Took in a movie
  • And much more…..

It was a great time away.  We needed it and we came back feeling refreshed.  Hooray!


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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