This past Sat. evening we went to Colorado National Speedway with some good friends of ours, the Holtorfs.  We’ve been trying for a while (we figured out it’s been nearly 6 years!) to go to the speedway together since we had so much fun the last time.  🙂 As you can tell, we are infrequent visitors of the track.  Rob would go far more often, I think, if I suggested it…I just “forget” that it is an option for our weekend activities!  Last night we saw  Super Stock Pickup Trucks, Light Pick up Trucks, Late Models, Legends, Midgets, and for the grand ending, racing School Buses!  🙂

Here were my observations from the evening:

  • Our friend from Northern Hills, Toya, works at CNS.  She was a “checker-inner” and Security Staff…we got to say hello on our way in to the track. 
  • Stacey and Clinton from What Not to Wear  wouldn’t have known where to start with some of the race fans.  It provided me a TON of entertaining thoughts, a few of which I would voice out loud to Robbin and Tari Holtorf.  Someone needs to be a friend to these people, take them aside and just gently let them know that the outfit they are wearing doesn’t work – needs to be retired, burned, or otherwise.  I felt very awkward for a few folks!
  • Tattoos were everywhere.
  • People very much enjoyed alcoholic beverages!  The tattooed, high heeled, interestingly dressed woman in front of us had a very large glass beverage that she sipped on throughout the evening while her husband and friend downed several beers. 
  • People with too many alcoholic beverages made for an interesting exit in our cars out of the parking lot! 
  • An announcer guy tried his best to get crowd participation and cheers, but the only time they gave it their all in cheering was if there was a crash on the racetrack.  He even gave things away, but still, he was no match for the thrill(?) of crunching metal and flying debri.
  • Starburst sour chews are too sour for me….nothing to do with racing, except they were included in the backpack of snacks we brought.  It made for some interesting puckered up facial expressions in our group.  🙂
  • Robbin knows a lot more about racing than I realized – until she ‘fessed up and said, “Actually, I really think I’m making this all up!”  It made for a good laugh!
  • The Pickup Truck race took FOREVER to complete because of all the crashes and spin outs.  One caution time took about ten minutes so they could clean up the oil spill with Quick Dry stuff.  (See, I was paying attention!)
  • The midget cars were fun – they reminded me of swarming bees or beetles as they zoomed around the track.
  • Usually the “trains” finish the night with a Crazy 8 race, but this time it was the school buses…before they could get 1 lap completed, 3 buses ended up having to be towed off, one of them flipped over on it’s side – again, this caused a great cheer from the crowd – is that warped?  That the cheers come when something gets munched?  I don’t know, I’m just asking….  🙂  As the buses raced in the Crazy 8 pattern, the near misses in the middle gave everyone a thrill and then the race was over – the former Colorado Prison bus won.  Hmmm.

That’s it, that’s all my observations from the fun-filled evening we had last night at the races.    And therefore, that’s the end of this post.

Editor’s Note:  Rob just informed me that the buses didn’t race a “Crazy 8” race but a “Figure 8” race…apparently Crazy 8’s is only reserved for a card game….yep, I’m quite the racing fan!


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Sounds fun…. Someday I need to take Kyle there or to Bandimere

  2. Sounds like fun, indeed. Glad you all had a good time. Maybe you could become the Stacy of Northern Colorado. I do think there are lots of folks out there who just need a friend to tell them, “Honey, that is NOT flattering!”

  3. P.S. I’m pretty sure Stacy (or the Stacy of Northern Colorado) would have some words for some things in my wardrobe, too…

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