Bright and early this morning I took Robbin and Elise and our friend Mandy Bohall to the airport.  They’re joining a team of high school students from Northern Hills to go an a mission’s adventure to Belize!   The team is wearing the same Belize Missions Green t-shirts…fun for all the girls who don’t always like to look “alike”.  They’re easy to spot in the airports and it’s the beginning of the team spirit that will grow them close to each other as they serve together in Belize – in a town called Bermudian Landing, just outside of Double Head Cabbage (don’t they have great names for their towns –  we need to be more creative in the US!) which is just outside Belize City. 

They will be working on a construction project for a church, doing a vacation Bible school for an orphanage, and much more.  I’m excited for them.  I know that everyone going will come back deeply impacted by their experiences.  I have gone on many missions trips and lived out the life of full-time missions growing up since my parents were missionaries in Bolivia and I was born there. 

I am a big fan of missions.  It rocks your world, expands your thinking, breaks down barriers, fills up your heart to overflowing with compassion and sorrow, brings wild joy to your heart when you experience God’s love breaking through and transforming lives, gives you an awareness of how blessed you really are, provides you with opportunity to practically live out loud all the things you have learned about who God is, and there’s nothing like making a connection with a little child, having them reach up and hold your hand or crawl in your lap to soak in love that they don’t usually get due to really hard circumstances.  (I wish I was with them on the trip!)

Yes, I know that everyone going on this trip will never quite be the same when they return.  I know many will leave a piece of their hearts in Belize and will always look back to this trip as a pivotal point in their life.  I pray for this and I know that God will be faithful to work this out in their lives.  Will you join me in remembering all of these students and leaders this week – pray for their safety, but pray they will also be moved beyond their comfort zones and that they will be great students to the lessons God has for them in Belize! 

On a lighter note, Robbin shares her freaky fear here.  🙂

Snorkle on, Robbin, snorkle on!  I know you can do it!


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Dave says:

    Matching T-shirts? Isn’t that what those bald-headed guys with the white robes and the flowers used to wear at the airports in the 70’s?
    Oh, no, that was something different…
    It is a great opportunity for our young people to step outside their comfort zones and America to see what the largest percentage of the world lives like.
    I think it does make us more thankful and stirs a heart of compassion in us.
    And afords us an opportunity of reach others for Christ.
    Robbin’ On!!!

    I’ll be praying for them…

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