Last week my heart skipped a beat with a phone call from Rob, it went something like:

“So, everyone is fine, but…..”

I hate conversations that start like that…

“….Bethany, Elise and their friend Noah were in a car accident. I’m headed there now.”

The fun part was that I was in the process of helping Robbin get her car fixed – needed a new alternator.  Now we had two situations happening at once and I couldn’t be in both places! 

Long story short – Bethany and company were stopped at a stoplight when a pick up truck came rushing up behind her, smunching into her car so hard (yes, feel free to use smunching yourself sometime as a great descriptor word!) that it pushed her into the car in front of her.  The picture above is not her car, but it looks really similar to her car, only it’s a little more smunched than this picture.  And, the front hood is messed up, too, and the inside passenger seat took a beating and is twisted a bit – the seat Elise was in.  EVERYONE WAS WEARING SEATBELTS and no one was seriously injured.  Just really sore for a few days.

Well, the pick up driver was such a sweet person, he backed up his truck after impact, swerved over the median, did a u-turn and took off.  Grrrr….who does that!!!! A witness got his license plate number, but when the police ran it, it came up as a small Acura vehicle.  So, the police feel the pick up was a stolen vehicle.  Yeah, that’s just a lot of fun!

The insurance adjustor came out – verdict:  car is totalled.  So, after deducting our deductible, we’ll get a check for what they deam the value of Bethany’s car. 

So, it’s been fun times at the Kelly household, figuring out transportation stuff! But I’m trying to keep a good attitude and I am SO THANKFUL that the girls and Noah weren’t seriously hurt!  Cars can be replaced – daughters and friends can’t!

Bad News:

  • Bethany no longer has a car. She starts her job at DU this week.
  • We were just about ready to get Elise a car for getting to and from High School and all her other activities – so now we’re down 2 cars!

Good News/Perspective:

  • The girls’ and Noah are safe!
  • Some people don’t even have 1 car!
  • We have wonderful people reaching out to help give rides, etc.
  • We have leads on 2 vehicles that might fit within our tight budget
  • God is faithful and we know He’ll provide for us!
  • Bus routes provide great options!
  • Bethany’s saving gas money right now!
  • We see a lot more of Bethany since she’s without wheels. 🙂
  • Elise continues to show her sweet character as she patiently waits for everything to work out – no complaining!  We’re blessed!

So, as you can see, the good far outweighs the bad!  Sometimes in life you need a good dose of perspective – guess this was our time!

Note:  Hug your kids today and be thankful for what you have!


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. J says:

    We are praising God they are OK! It does remind you that the grace of God and His angels are at work on the behalf of our children’s lives at all times. Danger lurks, but grace happens!

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