Last night I had the special joy of helping my niece Bekkie and her husband Tyler celebrate their wedding! 

Rob officiated the service and my brother, Mike and I sang.  They had their wedding at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch in Loveland – beautiful setting!  The weather was perfect and the ceremony took place out on a grassy area overlooking a pond and with the refreshing sound of a river running behind it.  Bekkie was absolutely gorgeous and Tyler extremely handsome and sporting a very cool mohawk!  I loved it!

I love weddings!  Every bride and every groom is special!  I love seeing the most “in control” people melt down with emotion over saying their vows.  I love watching moms and dads wipe tears from their eyes as they gaze at their children getting married.  I love the flower girls and ring bearers – always an adventure to see if they actually do what they’re supposed to do!  I love watching the groomsmen struggle to stand still and pay attention and the bridesmaids try hard to take it all in without crying. 

Weddings bring a flood of memories to my mind.  I reflect over the past, remember my own wedding (22 + years ago now) and other special weddings over the years.  My mom and dad were married at 18 and 23 at a justice of the peace – mom wore a borrowed kelly green suit.  Dad wore a borrowed maroon sports jacket and mom carried an orchid and a bible.  It doesn’t get better than that!  They were on a short leave from their mission training for New Tribes Mission – though the ceremony was definitely simple, their life was rich and full and their marriage lasted well over 50 years before God chose to take my Dad home to heaven!  I love you mom and dad – you gave me a great example for me to follow.

My wedding was quite an occasion. 


Rob had many friends who had to be groomsmen – 6 to be exact.  I hadn’t been back in the US for more than about 3 years and so choosing bridesmaids was interesting – but I did find 6 willing friends (many were dating Rob’s friends) to stand up with us.  My dad and our good friend and pastor, Dave Groen officiated.  Lots of laughter – my flower girl, my niece Susie, had to “go potty” in the middle of the ceremony and announced it to the congregation.  My ring bearer, Rob’s nephew Sean, had to be bribed to participate at all with a “real bunny rabbit” who we had to show to him in a cage before the ceremony before he would willingly hold hands with Susie and perform his ring bearer duties!  My dad dropped the rings and we all almost conked heads bending down  trying to pick up the rings.  Rob kissed me and my veil stuck to his head.  My brother Mike wrote a beautiful song – An Older Brother’s Blessing.  Ah the memories!

Today as I reflect on Bekkie and Tyler’s wedding – I  pray that they experience a lifetime of adventure.  I pray that they draw closer each day to God – that’s what keeps a good marriage solid – and that they draw closer each day to each other.  May they learn to realize that life passes quickly and sometimes it’s not worth making a big deal over things.  I wish them spontaneous laughter that comes from watching Dylan and their future children do something funny.  I also want to remind them that they are special to me and I am always on their side.  I wish them creativity and romance as they keep dating and finding ways to celebrate each other. May they treasure each day together as a gift and never take each other for granted.  I love you, Bekkie, I love you Tyler! Congratulations!

Oh, and last, but not least, little Dylan – you light up all of our worlds! 


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

2 responses »

  1. stephanie says:

    thanks for sharing the memories of an amazing day. (c: and i always knew robbin looked a lot like you, but i can’t believe how much you look like her in your wedding photo! (or, i guess it would be that SHE looks like YOU…but i digress).

    hope you’re doing well!!! miss you lots!

  2. Tulip Girl says:

    The likeness between you and Robbin is uncanny. The first time I looked at the photo it took me a second to realize that it was of you and Rob, and not Robbin eloping!

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