I have provided years of laughter and entertainment to my dear husband, Rob.  Because I TRUST HIM, I mean shouldn’t wives trust their husbands?  Seriously!  🙂 Anyhow, because I TRUST HIM, I believe what he tells me….  


Many long years ago, shortly after we were married, Rob told me the amazing news that there was a shortage of cows milk and therefore they had devised a way to use pigs milk and were creating pig dairies.  He told me that a news report showed how they made special machines to hook up to the mama pig to “milk” her just like they did to cows.  He went on and on and again – because I TRUST HIM – I believed him.  I even went to work the next day with the fascinating story of pig dairies.  Yes, I did get funny looks – people hiding their amusement at how gullible I was.  Finally my boss told me, “Honey, I think your husband is pulling your leg!”  I went home and asked Rob…he laughed and said he thought I knew he was kidding.  🙂

Well, we recently watched the Astronaut Farmer


Rob again tells me….this is based on a true story!  I was fascinated that anyone could really build a spaceship in his barn and actually launch into outer space!  We watched the whole thing and I was still amazed.  We watched the special features and there was a picture of Billy Bob Thornton with some other Texas farmer dude.  “See honey, that’s the real guy!” Rob delights to tell me.  “Doesn’t he look like someone who would do that?”  Of course I again – because I TRUST HIM – believe him.  Then I started thinking about it – there’s no way that could ever happen….right?  We watch more of the special features – an interview with an astronaut who says “This is a nice story, a fantasy about a family dreaming together….”  Ok, ok, I see now, we’re back to the pig dairy scenario.  At least I didn’t go to work and tell everyone about it – I just blogged it all for the world to see!  🙂

I’m secure in my gullible-ness! That’s right!

(Footnote:  I even double checked to see if it might have been really true on the internet today….all I found was that it was based on a true story of a guy stuck in a cave?  That doesn’t even make sense – how do you get flying into space from a guy stuck in a cave?!)

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Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Stormie says:

    I love this! My mom, dad and I JUST watched this movie last weekend as well. My dad also told us this was based on a true story…but he really thought it was. My mom and I didn’t believe it from the start. Whew! But you are cute and I love that you trust Rob so much…even though he is a joke-ster:)

  2. Jenny says:

    Well, personally, I think your gullibleness is one of my favorite qualities in you. I needed this laugh today- thank you! 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    In 1971, Terrance McMann, an Iowa farmer constructed a mockup of a Saturn V rocket in his barn out of salvaged parts that his brother-in-law who was an aeronautics engineer for NASA got him clearance for. It was part of a program that the federal government embarked on to see if an average citizen could indeed build a Titan style missle that could possibly be fitted with a nuclear warhead and launched. Mr. McMann succeeded in his third attempt to launch the rocket carrying three rabbits name, “Gus, Buzz, and Chuck” after Gus Grissom, Buzz Aldrin and Chuck Yeager and a rat whom he affectionately called “Armstrong” after Neil.
    On the third attempt, after nearly burning his barn to the ground, fortunately not manned by any living beast, Terrance sent his Saturn V into the atmosphere on a remote controlled mission to then successfully splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately all three rabbits and Armstrong exited the capsule unharmmed and Nasa felt like the mission was a success. This was another stepping stone in a program that was first termed Zeus and later would turn into a little program that we know as Apollo.

  4. titus2woman says:

    Y’all are SO us! LOL! I fall for my darling’s crazy antics all the time! HA HA HA! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  5. J says:

    The whole movie was *ick* for me because I cannot buy the weird Billy Bob as a family man with unbelievable dreams to inspire his whole brood. I kept waiting for Kevin Costner to step in and take over and then I could’ve believed it was true…but wait…Kevin already did this movie and it was called “Field of Dreams.”

    Would’ve have seemed truer if Billy Bob had actually died in that first launch.

  6. Tulips says:

    I think I need to see this movie.

    If it makes you feel better, when I was in high school, a couple of boys bought me a heart-shaped pin with Gullible printed on it. They were cute, so I kept it.

  7. Jason says:

    Still laughing about this…

  8. Paul Rose Jr says:

    The story about a guy stuck in a cave is an actual true story that Billy Bob Thornton wants to direct but not write – did you bother to read the results or just the summaries on Google?

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