Colorado holds high-scoring No. 3 OU offense in check…

Hugh Charles

I love watching Rob watch football.  It’s a very serious time.  Having the ability to “DVR” and pause the game has been a great addition to these football watching times at the Kelly household.  Though we’ve been married 22 + years now, I still forget the “timing” thing and often bring up some “earth shattering” topic to talk about in the middle of the game.  Before, Rob would look at me with shear panic on his face – knowing that he had to pay attention to his wife, but desperately wanting to keep watching the game.  Now, with a mere push of the “pause” button on the remote, we can solve the world’s problems and he can go back to watching the game, no sweat!  Ahhh….technology!

Today CU played OU.  As I usually do, I sat and read my book until I heard a loud and thundrous roar coming from the family room, “Come on!!!! Get the ball – GET THE BALL!”  I started paying attention, then kept reading.  A few minutes later I heard more yelling and crazy talk coming from the family room.  I meandered over and saw my husband – who I love dearly – completely enthralled with the game, excited that the score was tied with just minutes to go…hmmmm time to discuss where we and if we should retire? Nope, not even with the “pause” option!  Instead I sat down with him and watched the final play of the game – a winning field goal by CU.  It was fun to see the crowd rush down on the field – turning the field into a beehive of yellow and black.  Jumping and screaming fans – interviewers on the field with the coaches and players – dejected OU fans, the youngest, a little boy who looked around 6 years old with tears streaming down his face. 

Rob tried to explain why this was a big upset.  I listened patiently…yeah, I have never really understood football, but I do enjoy football season because I get to watch Rob all tied up in knots yelling and carrying on conversations all by himself in the family room!  🙂 

Congrats CU on this BIG WIN!  


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Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Donna says:

    Where’s all the guys bonding around the bowl of chips and dips? He yells by himself?

    So, not being much for football myself, I found myself caught up in our own little upset when Horizon beat the little football pants off of Legacy on Friday night – I actually yelled and clapped and stuff. It was exciting…in a cool evening, bright lights, big pretzel kind of way….

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