Steve Carell stars in Touchstone Pictures' Dan in Real Life

Last night Rob and I and some friends went to see the movie, Dan in Real Life

We all really enjoyed it.  Nice blend of comedy, romance and a good story of family life.  Rob, who is always a movie analyzer (I’m just easily entertained) liked that the camera was allowed to tell the story a lot of the time.  Also, because “Dan” has three daughters – we laughed a lot as he interacted with them – a bit like”Rob in Real Life!”  It reminded us both of the style of  Little Miss Sunshine – another movie we both enjoyed. 

So, if you’re looking for something to do on this cold snowy weekend – take in the movie, Dan in Real Life! 

P.S.  When we got home I told Elise we’d been to see Dan in Real Life and she had a puzzled look on her face thinking I was telling her we’d been with “Danin real life…. 🙂

About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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