My good friend Neva Lamb is now a blogger. Check out her hilarious and informative musings here about germs. 

I do care about germs – not in an affectionate way, but in a way that makes me aware of what to do to prevent them, but I must say I’m not as “freaked out” by germs as Neva.  However, I live with a germaphobic person – Mr. Rob Kelly.  He is always grossed out when he sees that someone has used the restroom and not washed their hands afterwards.  He blogged about it once.  But, I guess for me getting my start in the germ infested jungles of Bolivia I have a higher tolerance for germs.  Germs happen. We lived with dirt floors and creepy crawly things everywhere.  Outhouses were fun.  Playing with my wonderful little Ayore friends gave me a great start to sharing germs.  In fact, germs I’m sure go to places like where started out my life for their vacations because of the welcome environment to thrive there. 

I do remember being a fanatic when Robbin was born.  If she dropped a toy, pacifier, anything that she was putting in her mouth – on the floor, I’d swoop in and immediately do my best to sterilize it before she put it back in her mouth.  With Bethany I was not as strict.   If something fell, I’d pick it up, brush it off maybe do the mom thing and use my own “spit” (I know, ew) to clean it before she used it again.  With Elise, it was no problem – we’d call the dogs to lick off the toy, pacifier, etc. and we were good to go. 

Ok, none of the above with my kids really played out that way, but I’d heard that scenario about sterilizing from first kid to third given and thought it would be funny to write as if it was mine.  🙂  Actually, I did my best with all three to make sure things were clean, but I’m sure Neva would have had a heart attack watching my process which wasn’t nearly as rigorous as her “germ cleansing” routine.

How about you?  Are you germaphobic?


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Jenny Freyta says:

    No way, I’m a big believer that germs build up our immune system. My parents are always taking their antibacterial gel with them everywhere, and use it all the time. They still to this day ask if I want some, and I pretty much always refuse. But- knock on wood- I don’t get sick nearly as often as they do. So maybe it really works! 🙂 I like my theory anyway. I bet I’ll be different when it comes to my coming baby though!

  2. J says:

    Dave and I grew up in families that believed in “living by faith.” Even if we were sick, we just acted like we weren’t. Haha.

    In reality, tho, I had all the usual kid diseases (chicken pox, mumps, measles) and once had scarlet fever and the the black measles at the same time. My dad kept it a secret that our house was quarantined for 3 days because he didn’t want church people saying they were getting those things, too, and missing church.

  3. Donna says:

    No, yes, well, maybe mediocre. With 4 pets I try to keep it somewhat “clean”, and admittedly I keep clorox wipes around to give a once over in the kitchen every now and then. Camping? Outhouse to Camp Stove just doesn’t cut it for me – clorox wipes live in the tent/camper. However, I’ve taken the gel stuff with me on trips and I forget to use it and am still alive. Mediocre. That’s me.

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