It’s true! Today I become the mother of a college graduate!  Robbin, our oldest daughter, graduates today from Metropolitan State College of Denver.  It seems like yesterday she was thrilling us with made up songs, playing dress up with her little sisters, skipping around and tumbling into people’s hearts everywhere she went, throwing temper tantrums because she wanted to go home with grandma more than anything in the world, never knowing a stranger she’s walk right up to anyone and say, “Hi, my name is ‘wobbin’, what’s yours?”  Learning to ride a bike was hilarious as she turned and said, “Look, mommy, I’m doing it!”  just seconds before slamming into the fence around the tennis courts where she was learning.  After peeling her off of the fence and straightening her handlebars, she was good to go!

Now she is an accomplished young woman.  She’ll be graduating today with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a minor in History. 

It seems like just yesterday she was growing taller than everyone in her class, trying out soccer, falling and breaking her wrist (it took us 3 days to figure out it was broken and take her to the doctor – hey, we were young parents, learning along the way!).  Elementary school flew by!  We took her with us on all kinds of mission trips and youth group trips during the time her dad was busiest being a youth leader – to Juarez, Houston, Chicago and more and we began to see her passion for working with people in inner city ministry.

Now she just finished an internship with the Denver Rescue Mission, wrote an amazing heartfelt final paper on ministering to the homeless and plans to investigate opportunities to make a career out of inner city minstry.

It seems like yesterday we sat in many parent teacher conferences in middle school hearing over and over again, “You’ve got a special daughter – we know she’s going to do big things!”  Middle school was a blur -went by so fast.  She won a dance contest unexpectedly, sang in a talent show, participated with great effort in track, began helping with the children’s ministry at church, pursued her friends for Jesus, and continued to tumble into people’s hearts everywhere she went.

Now she has had the opportunity to lead many middle school small groups and mentors many young girls.  If she hears that some young girl is struggling, she immediately finds a way to clear her schedule to meet for coffee with that girl to give her a listening ear and a safe place to talk through life’s issues.

It seems like yesterday we were in parking lots teaching her to drive.  She was off to high school – homecomings, proms, boyfriends, crazy school projects, Super Saturdays, and a senior year in the Med Prep program to decide if she might want to become a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, and finally deciding to leave Colorado to attend school at Nyack College in New York.  We packed her belongings into a van and took a wild road trip to New York to get her settled into her college life.  She learned a lot while she was away and fell in love with New York City where she lived in a church basement in Brooklyn and spent several summers on staff with Center for Student Missions, leading groups from all over the country on inner city mission’s trips.  She returned to Denver to finish her college degree after her first year at Nyack, but will always be connected to New York and the many friendships she established there!  She’s traveled all over the world on mission trips – to Brazil, Belize, Mexico, Canada, England and all across the United States.  Her passion for helping others continues to grow.

Now she lives on her own, kept her nose to the grindstone the past 4 years and is graduating today!  She’s headed to Venezuela in August for a mission trip to Home of Refuge to minister to orphans there. The next chapter of her life is just beginning. 

Robbin, your dad and I are so proud of you!  We know that now the fun begins as you pursue the path that God has before you.  We know that there are surprises ahead of you that you can’t even imagine!  We are excited to continue cheering you on and will always be forever grateful that God gave you to us.  You are an amazing young woman of God!  Congratulations, Robbin, you did it!



About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. J says:

    She truly has quite a story for being so young! It is awe-inspiring to think what God has in store for her – starting in a just a few weeks with the Cardboard Campout and beyond! I know God has His eye on her!

  2. Liz says:

    I was just searching through for articles on DRM as I’ll be interning there this summer. Your daughter’s story is something truly beautiful! God bless you!

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