Nineteen years ago today was a wonderful day for the Kelly family as we welcomed Bethany Dianne Kelly into the world.

Happy Birthday, Bethany!  You’ve been dancing through our hearts ever since you were born.  I love your passion for music and am so amazed at all the new songs you keep writing.  God has given you an amazing gift in music and singing and it is such a blessing to see you using that gift!

You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman from the shy little girl who used to hide behind me anytime someone new came into a room.  Below are a few memories….

(5 years old…big sis Robbin helping blow out the candles – umm, yeah, remember the “let’s make barrettes” phase I went through – sorry you girls had to be the wearer of the weird concoctions I created!)

(First birthday cake – you weren’t enjoying the sticky icing on your fingers – yeah, it was easier to clean you up if you were just wearing your diaper….)

(Pre Kindergarten Christmas Program – again, sorry about the ginormous bow I placed on your head – but seriously, look how adorable you looked!  Great placement for the picture in front of this awkward desk with a Christmas Tree on top!)

Bethany, it has been such a joy to be your mom.  I love the woman you are becoming and I look forward to celebrating with you over the years the many adventures that God will take you on.  You’ve got one year of college down, a few to go.  I am so proud of you, you inspire me, your sense of humor is refreshing, hearing your new songs on the piano makes me cry (in a good way) and your taste in music has provided hundreds of songs I’d never have found without you introducing me to them – it’s awesome! You’ve got me hooked on The Office, Arrested Development, Grey’s Anatomy and a bunch of other shows you introduced me to.  I love watching you interact with your Dad and even though the two of you enjoy making fun of me often, I still love you!  🙂 

I think back over the years…remembering your sweet voice boldly singing the Beauty and the Beast theme song, vibrato and all, as you mimicked the teapot.  I remember you sweetly singing on our family’s famous “Arizona Video” in a lawn chair that collapsed and folded you up inside as you were singing.  I remember you asking me not to throw away the newspaper when you were 4 because you hadn’t read it yet – astonished and being the kind mom that I am, I asked you to prove it – and prove it you did!  I didn’t know how to explain how you could read when you went to Kindergarten…you just taught yourself!  I remember you singing Disney songs with your Dad and sisters at the top of your lungs after bathtime every night.  So many memories flood my heart and mind today – it’s my day to cherish my wonderful daughter, Bethany!

Make the most out of your life, my sweet Bethany, seek after God with all your heart, soul and mind, and you will never regret it.  God definitely has his hand on you and has something extraordinary for you to do in the future – it will be so much fun to watch you discover this and I will always be here on the sidelines to love you, cheer for you, comfort you, and be your mom friend.

Happy Birthday, Bethany Boo, I will always and forever love you!

Love, Mom

About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Messenger's says:

    Happy Birthday Little one, one day you will grow wise like us. Congrads. Hope to see you soon. 19 going on 30! WOW


  2. Kacy says:

    Having the support from a mother like you – Bethany will do well

  3. J says:

    Bethany is a beauty for sure! Happy Birthday, gorgeous daughter of my blessed friend!

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