• 43 years ago today the world was changed forever with the birth of an adorable little red-headed boy! 
    • 27 years ago I met this wonderful boy – he was 16, I was 15.
    • 26 years ago we started dating.
    • 23 years ago we were married.
    • 22 years ago we became parents
    • 21 years ago we began ministry together at Northern Hills Christian Church
    • 19 years ago we became parents again
    • 17 years ago we became parents again

Throughout the many years I’ve known Rob, we’ve laughed, cried, talked, quietly listened, laughed, traveled, played games, laughed, read, parented, watched a gazillion movies, cleaned house (ugh), payed bills, cried :-), counseled, taught, sang (yes, Rob was in a singing group with me at one time.) planned, hosted, laughed, grieved, rejoiced, , persevered, celebrated, and so much more – together.  It’s been the most amazing blessing of all time for me to be Rob’s best friend and his wife.  It’s too hard to introduce you to him or describe him in this blog.  He’s not perfect (that comes in heaven, right/!) but seriously, I am truly a blessed woman to be walking through life with him.

Here’s my a few of my favorite things about Rob:

    • Terrific sense of humor – even though he sometimes makes me laugh when I’m furious and thinks it’s all okay but it’s not.  🙂
    • His tenderness as a father – he’d do anything for HIS GIRLS
    • His devotion and care for me
    • The fact that he thinks he can tell me what should be “endearing” to me – ummmm, I think I get to choose that – he tries to pass off annoyances as endearments to me and it gets pretty funny!  Like having a spreadsheet to track our Christmas shopping?  Yeah, that’s NOT an endearment – but it does keep us on track with spending.
    • His loyalty – to his family, friends and the many who call him pastor.  He is tremendously engaged and humbled by the gift of being responsible for a body of believers who call their church home Northern Hills.
    • His grasp of insignificant trivia – primarily in the sports category, but overall in other categories as well
    • His ability to work through things with me until we BOTH are feeling okay with things

The list could go on, but, suffice it to say to all in blogland and beyond: “I LOVE ROB KELLY!” 

And to you, Rob, I say,

May this be the happiest birthday yet.  You make my heart beat faster than anyone else and I still am giddy when I know you are near.  Happy Birthday, Babe – may God grant you many more and know that walking this journey with you – it doesn’t get any better than this! YOU I love! 




About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. J says:

    Happy Birthday, Rob! Your wife loves you. Everybody loves you. God blessed the world whe n you came along.

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