WARNING:  Mushy Mom post ahead…

Though it’s hard to believe, it’s true – Robbin Nicole Kelly turns 22 today! 

Elise, Bethany, Me, and the Birthday Girl – Robbin Nicole Kelly.


Robbin with Jennifer and Jennifer’s daughter, Mateah.

Good friends, Carol and Kerri with Robbin – hanging out drinking coffee! 

God surely smiled upon us when he chose us to be her parents!  We like to refer to her as our “guinea pig” child – we had to learn all about parenting through her.  It’s a well known fact at our house (from Robbin of course) that we’ve “adjusted” our parenting over the years and her little sisters have it “easy”.  🙂 

I was 2 months into my 20th year and Rob had just turned 21 when Robbin was born!  Rob said it all when he responded to me after I told him I was pregnant, “We’re just kids having a kid!”  After the shock wore off we were ecstatic and the journey was well under way.

As a baby, Robbin captured our attention. She walked at a little over 9 months – which was cute for 1 day until I realized she could get in a lot of trouble!  As a toddler she had a charming way of introducing herself,
“Hello, I’m Wobbin Cole Kewwy, what’s your name?”  She suffered through countless hair experiments as I learned how to do the perfect “hairdo”.  From sponge curlers, to poofy Eighties Style Bangs, to tight french braids and reverse pony tails…I’m pretty sure we tried everything – in fact I know we did because we have pictures to prove it.  I won’t publish them as a courtesy to Robbin, though. 🙂

Robbin became a big sister to Bethany when she was almost 3.  She was a great help to mommy and welcomed a 2nd baby sister, Elise, when she was a 4 1/2.  I was a busy mommy, with 3 little precious girls under the age of 5!  Robbin was always a big help.  During this busy season of life, Robbin became aware of who God is, and that she could have a relationship with him through Jesus’ death and resurrection and free offering of salvation through grace.  She accepted that gift and we’ve watched her relationship with Him grow closer ever since!

I loved watching my three little girls and chuckle at all the craziness that went on.  Robbin was the ring leader and we watched countless plays with no less than 7 Acts each…we’d politely say, “That was awesome!” and clap…only to be interupted by Robbin, “Wait!  We’re not done yet!”  Oh, joy!  🙂  She was often encouraged strongly by me to include her little sisters, especially Elise (though Elise had found ways to terrorize her big sisters by running after them and pinching the soft part of their arms…but that’s another story – I still wanted her to be included.)  I laugh when I remember looking out and seeing them playing happily but then being horrified because they made Elise be Comet the Dog, from Full House, or Ursula the Sea Witch, from Little Mermaid. 

Robbin dove in to school and made friends every where she went.  She broke her finger playing co-ed basketball in elementary school (a rec league) and was only able to play one game.  She broke her wrist roller skating with a friend and it took us 3 days to finally take her to the doctor.  She swears I forced her to eat spinach or peas one time…I don’t remember…and don’t think I was that mean.  🙂

We survived Middle School – it’s the time for Robbin and I when I knew nothing, she knew everything and was happy to never be in the same room with me.  We managed to get through that time fairly unscathed and look back and laugh about it now!

She started High School and surprised us by asking to go to prom with a senior who had asked her.  And so began the boys.  Several relationships through high school – I had to learn the balance of offering advice and watching her learn about relationships.  Picking up the pieces of her broken heart and offering arms of comfort when needed.  As a senior she chose to go away for college – to Nyack in New York.  That’s about as far away as you can get from Colorado and still be in the mainland of the United States!  

No one prepared me for the agony of leaving a child so far away. And, sadly, the timing of when God called my Dad home to heaven happened while we were en route to Nyack on a very long road trip.  It was a bittersweet trip.  But, I knew that Grandpa whom Robbin adored, would be cheering us on, he would have wanted us to focus on his sweet Robbin during that time.  I was torn, but comforted knowing my family supported our decision to go. 

Robbin learned a lot at Nyack – and gained a wonderful friend in it all – Anneke Brown!  I know they’ll be lifelong friends.  She stayed at Nyack a year, then returned to Colorado to finish her degree at Metro State College.  She was determined to finish in 4 years and she did! She also was determined to move out on her own and she did!  She’s been living on her own for over a year.

Now Robbin is a college graduate, 22, and has a heart the size of the Grand Canyon for people and serving the Lord.  Robbin has become one of my most treasured friends.  She is restless – waiting on the Lord for what He has for her isn’t easy, but in the meantime she’s working at Starbucks and Northern Hills, impacting lives, making new friends, learning to abide IN Christ, and I couldn’t be more proud.  Robbin has traveled the world – served on mission trips to Venezuela, Brazil, England, and Mexico – as well as inner city mission trips to Toronto, Houston, Chicago and leading trips in New York City.  She also traveled Italy with Bethany and their big brother Dan. 

Robbin – as your mom I cannot truly express how amazing you are.  It has been such a blessing watching you blossom into such a godly young woman – God has great things in store.  It’s like reading a captivating book but not cheating by reading ahead…just taking it one page at a time knowing that the suspense propels us towards the future, but the future has to happen by going through the present.  My prayer is that God sustains you and that this year brings unexpected surprises and joy into your life.  You deserve it, my little Wobbin.  I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.  Embrace today, keep impacting lives and find strength in knowing God knows the plans He has for you and they are GOOD!  He knows the desires of your heart, Robbin, it’s gonna be amazing!  Happy Birthday – you are my sunshine.


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Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Jeanie says:

    Happy Birthday, Robbin!!

    Carol Ann-you have raised some delightful daughters! And this one turned out very very well, even if she was your “practice model!” I enjoy seeing the work of God through her and think she is the true sum of Carol Ann + Rob, as I see you both in her so much.

    You did it! You got her following God’s true intent for her life! So happy birthday to Robin and you guys because you did all the work 22 years ago today!

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