Okay, I can’t take it anymore. There’s a fly who has decided to fly into my car and live there.  It’s very irritational (you can use that word if you want).  I get in to my car, listen, smile because I think, “Hmmm, the fly must have flown.”  But no, just as I settle in, turn on the tunes, and get ready for my drive to wherever, out of nowhere comes the stupid fly!  Flitting around my face making me look like a spastic weirdo to all other drivers as I swat aimlessly around my face.  I’m bigger then this fly, I should definitely have the better hand.  Nope.  I try all the tactics I can think of. 

  • Roll down my window just enough so the fly get’s purposely sucked out by the wind. 
  • Roll down my window full force just when I see the fly happen to flutter over to said window.
  • Randomly roll down both sides windows, hoping the cross air-ness will cause the fly to remember it’s supposed to fly outside, not inside!
  • Creepily call out, “Here fly, here fly” so I can smash it if it responds.  It hasn’t responded, which is probably good since I might just smash it against my jeans or face or something and then have terrible smushed fly goop to clean up.

Argh!  I hate flies.  And, it’s reminded me of all the other creepy fly stories I’ve heard and seen over the years, like the human eating fly

I had friends in Bolivia who had to deal with this horrible thing – we called them borros.  It was awful!  Just to prove it happens, I found this video – NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!  Watch at your own risk.  One of my friends, Michelle, would come out from her jungle home to the city of Cochabamba because the borro needed to come out.  One time one was on her head and in the midst of playing together we smacked heads so hard and the borro popped out.  Not your recommended way of removal, for sure.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for those interested in the creepier things in life) I have way too many stories like this from growing up in Bolivia as a missionary kid.  I try not to share too many on the blog – I don’t want to be nominated for the “Gross Blog of the Year” award.  But – this time, it’s what the stupid fly in my car kept making me think of, so I decided to share.


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. nevalamb says:

    seriously, that was nasty, yet strangley fascinating. You never cease to amaze me cak!

  2. puspaidola says:

    buzzing sound of a fly possibly turns us to be flyphobia and creepin’ out, anyway 😀

    nice to find ur blog,

  3. Flys have a fairly limited lifespan… One website said one month. If you don’t let any more of them in, they shouldn’t be able to reproduce.

    Or you could gas it…

    Hang a fly strip from the rear view mirror…

  4. ~keri says:

    Carolann! You are officially banned from blogging! That was disgusting!! I can’t believe those things actually live inside a person’s body! I have to go throw up now!

  5. Mister-M says:

    If you get the french-fries out from under the car seats, the fly will have nothing to live on! 😉

  6. rob says:

    I would like to report the fly is dead! Hooray!

  7. specialkkluthe says:

    Ok, those things didn’t even look like flies–ew!! But I hear ya on the flies…we had one in our house for a while and they are extremely annoying.

  8. Anneke says:

    I had the same thing happen to me too. It kept flying in my face while I was driving. Drove me nuts. And then I got to work and killed at least thirty + flies there! But I guess that is because I work a pet store. Anyways it is still really gross!


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