…and it’s not mine.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine heading to the Tattoo shop with my daughter Elise for her 18th birthday, she’d wanted her nostril pierced for quite a while and I said that it was entirely her call after she turned 18.  So, she made the call.  It does look pretty cute on her.  She’s probably going to change it out for a hoop in a few months.  Right now it’s the big ‘ol piercing stud they use. 

I watched the whole thing.  First Mr. Tattoo/Piercing Dude puts a dot on piercing subject’s (Elise Rochelle) nostril and will erase and move it until it appears to be just in the right spot – which is subjective.  It appears that these days it’s popular to pierce right in the nostril crease – who knew?  Then Mr. Tattoo/Piercing Dude stuck a metal tube up said nostril of choice, then poked a needle through the top into the metal tube, followed by threading the piercing stud with a curvy spoke into the place where the needle was.  Elise was brave, my stomach flipped a few times, and it was over in all of about 5 minutes!  The curvy outy part is a bit annoying to her as it sometimes flips and it peeks out of her nostril.  Nothing she can do about it for a few months until she can change the stud.

Last night there was a mad scramble to find antibacterial soap with no scent around the house.  I thought Rob was gonna have to make a run to the store, but in the nick of time he found it so that she could wash her newly pierced nostril well before bed.

Our good friend Heather joined the category of nose-pierced individuals with Elise. It looks cute on her as well.  They tried to talk me into doing the same.  I opted for keeping my nostrils pristine – well as pristine as a 42 year old’s nostrils can be.  I’ve heard comments since that either are one way or the other, “Good, it’s probably best you didn’t join them.”  OR “You should have done it!  You could pull it off!”  So, readers of mine, I ask you, should I have or is it best I didn’t?  Personally I’m comfortable with pristine, although I do think that many women look great with a flicker of glitz on the nostril.

I have a full blown cold today – can you imagine having to blow my nose nursing a nostril piercing wound?  Yikes.

And the adventures in my life continue…..


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

7 responses »

  1. billynorton says:

    If you live in a northern climate icicles built up on them

  2. Jason says:

    can’t see you with a nose ring…best you withheld.

  3. Denise says:

    I could see you with one…I’d love to do it myself. You got me thinking about it again…hmmm!

  4. Missy says:

    You could definitely pull it off, but I’m with you…what do you do when your nose is stuffy!? Ick.

  5. Debb says:

    Congrats Elise!! And CAK… you bet you could have pulled it off! If you ever get the urge again you should go for it girl! We only live once you know?!

  6. Marie says:

    Ok, when I saw the name of the post I thought you did it. I think you could pull it off, but what happens, like you said, when you get a cold. yuck. I am working on my next tattoo. You should do that instead. That would be fun and you never have to worry about when your nose gets stuffy.

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