Eurovision Song Contest 1973 Spain Mocedades – Eres Tu

Ah, this song gives me such fond memories of my childhood. Mark will understand. Mom and Tricia will understand. Many of you will just say, hmmmm….but that’s okay. I remember singing with them, especially on the high “Eres tu, uuu,uuuu!” Rock on, Mocedades! Now if only I can find their song, “Back of the Bus”

As long as I’m walking down Monday’s Memory Lane…here are a few other songs that are very sappy but bring great memories to me:

Honey, I Miss You (Bobby Goldsboro – my brothers would play their guitars and sing this and I would be so sad…)

I’ll Have to Say I Love You In A Song (shout out to Jim Croce – He was awesome.)

Baby I’m Yours (Debbie Boon…I could lip sing to every song on the You Light Up My Life record album I had.  Sad, but true!)

Weekend in New England (Barry Manilow – yep, it’s true, I was a Barry Manilow fan growing up – funny story about that is that when Rob and I were just newlyweds our Subaru was broken in to and they stole all our cassette tapes – but left the Barry Manilow one…hmmm….what does that say?)

I am I Said (Neil Diamond – again, it’s true, I had most of his albums growing up.   I loved trying to sing to all the words of Hot August Night, but I Am I Said has always been my favorite – probably because I can remember my brother Mike singing it when I was just a little girl.)

Too Much Heaven (The Bee Gees…who could forget the Bee Gees -oddly enough I see their hair and some of my old pics from the 70’s and wonder if it secretly inspired me to have hair like them?  Awkward!)

Take a Chance (ABBA – this one was a favorite, but I’m posting it for David Mercer.  For some ridiculous reason he thinks I sound like one of the girls on this song. You gotta love all the ABBA costumes and creativity with make up!)

Okay, I’ve probably tortured you all enough – those of you brave enough to view all of these songs.  🙂  There’s tons more I could share, but I’ll refrain.  I’m sure if you were honest you’d have a few doosies in your own music closet to share!  Okay, come on…out with it…what were your sappy songs of your growing up years?

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Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Mandy says:

    Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head…dad used to sing it to me on the way to school in Kindergarden. Also used to sing You Are My Sunshine.

  2. Jen says:

    I love those songs! I was (and probably still am) a Huge Barry Manilow fan! And please….Honey, I Miss You…I didn’t know anyone else even knew that song! Thanks for this post….brought back some memories!

  3. J says:

    Aaaaahhhh – a beautiful trip down memory lane! Yes, I got a lump in my throat in the late 60s to Bobby’s wiggly voice. Jim Croce was probably the first celeb I ever mounrned. Yes-I have a memory-connection to each of these songs, but I may have been the worst nerd of all because I even remember the Latina on the Lawrence Welk show in 1974 who covered Eres Tu…

    Yes, I watched it andsang along with her.

  4. Neva says:

    This is what NHCC is going for! Where can I find outfits like that? They are perfect!

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