A Salt Lake City woman who was in Guinness World Records for her long fingernails has lost them in a car accident. 


Ok, what is this world coming to that first of all someone thinks it’s a good idea to grow the longest fingernails ever and second that you would ever pose “Glamour Shot-esque” with said fingernails and third that when she breaks one of them they make the news?!!? 

Here are the stats:

Lee Redmond clawed her way into the Guiness World Records by growing her nails to a total length of nearly 25 feet(7.62 meters) for 27 years without breaking! Lee is from Salt Lake City, Utah… 

She’s a proud grandma….can you imagine her interacting with her grandkids?  “Come here little Sally, sit on Grandma’s lap…oops, wait a second, let Grandma untangle her fingernails from your hair…ummmm, this is gonna take a while.”  Entirely creepy.

There’s so many things that run through my mind – the “how would you do (insert thought here)?” comes to mind. 

And can you imagine making a nail appointment for a manicure? “Hello, Bambi?  This is Lee, I need to make an appointment to get my nails painted.  Can you find a free couple of days to give me a manicure and order the 302 bottles of polish you’ll need to paint my nails?”

Not to mention trying to figure out how she washes her hair, puts on makeup, and a whole bunch of other awkward thoughts.

I wonder what happens when she walks in a windstorm and her fingernails rattle?  Gloves aren’t an option unless she maybe gets the finger cut out gloves and spends a couple of hours threading her nails through them. 

It’s just too weird!


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14 responses »

  1. Davis says:

    Even without the fingernails, that’s still scary

  2. Jeanie says:

    omygosh…laughing! That is hilarious and I am sad to say I am happy they are gone! Gross!

  3. Tara Powers says:

    I’m fairly certain that picture is going to make me sick. *nauseated*

  4. really cool fingernails.

  5. Stephharnie says:

    EWWW, gross. what if you trip and they rip off? and how do you sleep at night without them breaking?? ew, this pic in naaasty!

  6. alessia says:

    well.. i don’t think thats nasty at all.. she is very generous and very careful.. i like what she does and all the kismet she has,, even she is a grandmam!!

  7. arash says:

    that’s weird …..this photo is realy scary ….my nails are thin so they break if i even try to grow them like half an inch

  8. Arin; says:

    how do you put your shirt on? how do you botton your pants? How do you eat? how do you hold stuff? what do you do for a living, does it do anything with your hands? your hands look disguting! ughh, im sickk!

  9. nicks says:

    hey iv’e been wondering the same things but in a non disgusting way that is. i thinks it’s pretty cool. i don’t see what the fuss is about…she lived her life and managed to get through it as u guys can see. so get over it!! i dont see anything gross about it!! if you do pleases point it out!…it jus nails…congradulate the lady and move on with your life!! geeze! what?… u jealous cuz she made the book and u didn’t?…typical…

  10. Stefany says:

    This is kinda creepy its just the way her fingers curve eughhhhhhhh
    but if shes happpy with them then (Y)

  11. April says:

    How does she do anything with them you know.. Like take a shower, grab things, type on the computer or and as far as i’m concerned how to get her clothes on… I’m not being mean or anything but by then i would have gotten them cut or something..

  12. April says:

    also in order to put a ring on you would have to go all the way up her fingernails… So weird

  13. znaep says:

    that is gross you know that she cant cut her nails because it part of her bones

  14. sophie says:

    coool! her fingernails are awesome! though probably made life rather difficult…i mean, how does she do simple things? and i wonder how much dirt must have accumulated underneath? but whatever….

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