Yesterday I was proud of myself.  I was going to be to work early, none-the-less…so I thought.

I mentally went through a checklist:

  • Water Bottle? (yep)
  • Purse? (yep)
  • Keys? (yep) 
  • Coffee? (yep) 
  • Sweater in case it gets colder? (yep)
  • I’m fully dressed? (yep) – well, you know, you do have those dreams where you leave and have forgotten a few articles of clothing!
  • Fed the dogs? (yep)
  • Picked up anything that might look like something good to chew on for Sophie? (yep) 

I was ready to go.  I looked like a pack mule, but I was ready to go.

I opened the door and bam…

in pounced a very cute little bulldog that looked a lot like this:

It scared the pants off me! (Good thing I was fully dressed, ha!)

It was very playful, only it thought it belonged in our house. Now, the Kelly’s already are the proud dog owners of three dogs and that was a stretch, we don’t need another dog! I put all my stuff down and began to chase the little bulldog around the house. He just thought it was a big game. Sophie, our Chihuahua Terrier mix was the only dog inside, thankfully. She was terrified. She whipped her tail between her legs, her hackles went up and she began shivering in terror. Finally I coaxed the happy little bulldog to the door, opened it and the bulldog ran outside. Whew!

I regained my composure, did a quick mirror check to make sure I didn’t look like the Wreck of the Hespers (that’s an old saying my mom would say and I have no idea what it stands for)…

I once again grabbed my stuff and headed out the door.

I opened the door and bam…

in pounced a very cute little bulldog AGAIN!

No, this isn’t a “Groundhog Day” post…this really happened again. (Don’t get it? Then you didn’t ever see Bill Murray in that movie.)

Once again I raced all over the house trying to explain to this puppy he didn’t belong there and getting more and more frazzled by the minute. FINALLY I coaxed him outside and he wouldn’t leave my side. Long story longer…I wanted to try to find the owner – no tags, so I checked with my south neighbor, nope, he had no clue. I then checked with my north neighbor…she knew! She thought this cute little rascally bulldog belonged to a neighbor three doors down (not the band). She agreed to take the dog until she could walk him down to the neighbors. She wrote me later that he had done quite a number scampering through her house for a while, all over the furniture and “playing” with her cats.

Yep, my life seems to attract these strange kinds of happenings…from the turtle we found in our back yard and had to set free to the creepy squirrel who decided to live in our garage…things just happen to me like that!

Oh, I wasn’t anywhere near early to work after this start and didn’t look fresh as a daisy at all by the time I got there!

And the beat goes on….


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. jeanie says:

    there is a rumor floating around that you can talk t o the animals…

  2. Carol, your life is so much fun!!!

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