So, I’m learning that working on planning a wedding (Robbin, our oldest daughter is getting married on August 1st, 2009) is kind of like being pregnant.  What I mean is this:  everyone wants to tell you their “labor story”.  I have heard many wedding horror stories which usually start with, “Oh, here’s one thing you’ll never want to do…” followed by an animated story of how the cake fell over, or pictures were lost, or someone fainted, or dresses ripped, rings were dropped or lost, or ring bearers who threw up….  I usually smile and use my mom’s wonderful advice and say, “Thanks for sharing that with me, I’ll take that into consideration!”  Then I either file it away to remember or disregard completely depending on the value to me.

I’m finding out that the details never end when planning a wedding.  I’m waking up at night sometimes with the “Oh, no, we can’t forget to check on …….”  I’m starting to write lists everywhere I go.  I refuse to get stressed though.  🙂

Switching gears, I am soliciting ideas/advice.  Robbin and Jake’s wedding will be rather large – comes with the territory with big families on both sides and being a pastor’s daughter in the same church for over 22 years!  It will be fun – that I know, but when you think of catering and decorating – whew, let’s just say it feels a little overwhelming in the budget area.  So, I’m looking for budget friendly ideas for catering/food/desserts and decorating.  Now’s your chance to share – solicited by yours truly.

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  1. J says:

    Annoying website, but if you take the time to look: amazing tips and every possible secret from caterers

    AND? Everytime some one says, “Let me know how I can help.” Take them up on it on the spot.
    1/ Would you be available to help set up?
    2/ Would you help with the food? Or serve?
    3/ Could you help us clean up afterwards?

    People love the Kelly family and they adore sweet Robbin. They really truly WANT to be a part! Just let them! 🙂

  2. Missy says:

    Here’s an idea for the cake: first off, A Cake Occasion in Thornton is awesome. Amazing cakes, and delicious! What Steve and I did is have a smallish decorated cake for the cutting ceremony, but then just had the same flavor of cake in full sheets in the back to be cut and served, rather than a big elaborate decorated cake. It saved us a TON of money. After all, it’s still eggs, flour and sugar, ya know?

  3. Mandee says:

    I agree, take anyone up on an offer to help. I haven’t been good at that one.
    Get invites as soon as you can. I am sending mine late because we took too long to order and getting addresses from everyone hasn’t been the easiest of tasks.
    Sit down with Robbin and give her a set budget, have a brainstorm session and then get pricing on items like favors, center pieces, flowers, etc. Decide where you want to splurge and where you can spend less. My mom and I should have done this.
    Have Robbin and Jake get a registry asap, too. It takes a bit of time to do, so an early start=less stress!

    Hope this helps! I am more than willing to help, too!

  4. Mandy Bohall says:

    If budget is the issue I suggest an hordervs buffet instead of dinner. Get all of the food at Sam’s or Costco and have friends put it together for you. Actually I paid highschool girls in the local FCCLA a minimal amount to cut the fruit, arrange the meat, cut the rolls, thaw the shrimp, arrange the cheesecake squares etc. and make sure the tables were restocked. Worked really well for me and the family could enjoy instead of missing out on the party.
    There is my two cents.

  5. Mandy Bohall says:

    Yes I spelled the snack word wrong. Can’t find it in my spell check either. You know what I mean though…

  6. Mary says:

    We got married at a time like 2pm so we avoided the “meal” times, no lunch needed, too early for dinner – we just served cake…

    I am one of those people who would LOVE to help in any way I can… What a fun time… Enjoy!

  7. Mandy Bohall says:

    I would suggest talking to Jeanie Rhoades about decorations. That woman is a wonder in this area in my opinion.

  8. Debora Carol Sanders says:

    Well, my wedding ended being perfect! I planed for 6 months and after it was over I started to think: “God, you really have control over all things! This wedding was really your idea, thanks Daddy!”
    so, don’t worry too much, God will bring all things together, it is His daughter that is getting married! 😉
    My advice is:
    come have some coffee with me, know that you can hide in our place… let me make you laugh! I will take you for pedicures and we will treat you as the mother of the bride! 🙂
    Lets have some fun!
    And I can help you with your house if you need someone!

  9. I second Missy’s advice about A Cake Occasion. Our wedding cake remains the very best cake I’ve ever eaten at a wedding, and an incredible value for money.

    We made everything, really – a friend designed our invitations as a wedding present, but we took care of them at Kinko’s. The overall cost was $15.00, and we spent maybe $40 more at Meiningers for envelopes. Same thing with our programs, place cards, and other paper-related stuffs. In this age of scrapbook mania, you can find some folks with some skills to manage that stuff.

    One other thing we did that saved some serious money was to purchase the “non-essential” flowers at Sam’s Club. All the flowers on tables for dinner, flowers placed around the room, etc. were purchased inexpensively at Sam’s, and made for nice touches around the room.

  10. Also, when my sister got married it was a big, “high-profile” church deal – my mom would likely have some helpful things to say about it.

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