I love music.

I have over 6800 songs on my iPod.  I think in songs.  Often times someone says something, anything, and it triggers a song in my brain.  I can’t imagine a world without music.  When I’m not listening to my iPod (which is on at work, at home, sometimes to fall asleep) I sing, hum, play the piano, listen to the radio, music stations on Comcast.  Other things are important in my life, if you know me at all, you hopefully know this – God first and foremost, my family, friendship, laughter, etc…but as I think about music, the quote that “Music is oxygen for the soul” (author unknown) really sums it up for me.

I love putting together playlists.  Workout lists, chill lists, worship lists (my favorite), nostalgia/back-in-the-day/I-so remember-moments-from-these-songs-lists.  I  probably would drive many people crazy with the different lists I compile that randomly play music that doesn’t seem to go tother, oh, but it all does.  I just may be the only one who knows why!

I share music often.  Either making a CD for someone going through a hard time to encourage them, or recommending new artists.  I am always searching for new music, but find a ton of comfort in old music, much like catching up with an old friend, I’ll often listen to old CDs or albums and am reminded of great memories in my life.  Songs Rob and I loved when we were dating.  Songs my brothers used to sing when we were together.  Songs my brothers would send me to Bolivia so that I could keep up with popular music. (Rob doesn’t know how Barry Manilow crept into my music world, but if I remember correctly my brother Mark introduced me to him – funny story about how our car got broken into once and the only thing that the thief didn’t take was my Barry Manilow CD…)

I often share music with my mom.  She likes it, but often says she just prefers quite.  My dad was the music lover.  Must have got my music loving-ness from him.  🙂

Some people like just certain types of music.  I have friends that prefer just jazz, or just classical, or just…not me, I like it all.  There is a time for classical, jazz, rapp (although not much time for this), rock (all kinds – classic, soft, hard, etc.), country, alternative…and more.  I LOVE good worship music.  The kind that grabs my soul and grips my heart, the kind where I sing along at the top of my lungs to God, expressing my praise to him.

I am VERY blessed to be able to be one of the Worship Leaders at our church.  This has been a great opportunity to learn many worship songs.  And to play worship songs with fantastic musicians and to sing with fantastic vocalists.  I so understand when pastors and teachers help others understand that often the area you should serve in is one you already have a passion for.  For me, loving music and being able to serve in this ministry is a perfect match.

Some of my favorite times to listen to music:

  • when it’s snowing and I’m home alone.  Time to brew some coffee, grab a book, put on the tunes for background and I’m swept off into the adventures of my imagination.
  • during really hard times in my life.  I can remember when my Dad was dying finding a quiet time in my day to sit alone, and put on songs that helped me pour out my soul to God, thanking him for the time I had with my Dad and for the ways that God fulfills His promise to us to sustain us in those dark hours.
  • when I’m cleaning my house.  Time to plug the iPod in to the big living room speakers and let it swell throughout the house.  Or, if others are home and feel like there’s something better to do than listen to loud music swelling through the house, I’ll put on my iPod and listen through earphones.  This is dangerous though, I sometimes have to sing along and forget that no one else can hear the music.  It’s entertaining for the rest of the family, I guess!
  • CHRISTMAS MORNING!  (yes, I had to turn this post into something about Christmas!)  I wake up everyone with Rich Mullins’ “Gotta Get Up” song.  I wait as long as I possibly can (usually I’m up by at least 6:30 am) and then I crank up the song.  I have fond memories of little girls’ feet pattering down the stairs with squeels of glee to get their Christmas stockings first and then start opening presents.

I love music.  It completes me…ha, ha, ha!


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. J says:

    I used to sing every minute of everyday, practically. Then I lost my song. At the beginning of this year, I felt like God promised me it would return and it is very slowly, but surely.

    My mixed playlist last week was Barry, Elton, Hillsong, Kent Henry and the BeeGees, along with a couple of selections from The Sound of Music – and because it was all so singable, it was rejoicing for me!

    Losing your song is not a good thing. But getting it back, getting a new song to sing to the Lord-I am looking so forward to it.

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