Wow has this year flown by!  It’s been a blur some of the time, for sure.  What looked like a long summer just about has happened at the speed of light!  Here’s a few little tidbits/highlights of what’s been happening in my life, amongst hundreds more:

APRIL Highlights

  • The big month of rehearsals for my friend Dan Wakefield’s CD Release.  It was fun!
  • A great time with the Hathoots learning to cook and eating delicious Lebanese food for Easter.  Yum!
  • Dinner with our friends, Jim and Peggy Taylor – it’s time for another calendar date, for sure!
  • Sushi with my friend, Katie. Never enough time with this beautiful woman.  Friends since I was 2!  Wowza.
  • 4th month in my new job – starting to feel the groove!
  • Setting the groundwork for Mission Trip to Bolivia training
  • Lunch with the fabulous Missy Crowder – sorry I almost made you late to pick up your kids, Missy!
  • Volunteered with our lifegroup for the Champa House – between the kids we watched and us, the kids won, for sure!  I even think we may have had a 2:1 adults-kid ratio and they still won!  Whew!  It was fun, though.

MAY Highlights

  • The Dan Wakefield – RocketEnginePlane CD Release with Rob Kelly, Stand Up Comedy!  Woot!  What a fun night.  And Rob, you are forgiven for making me the subject of several of your comedy bits.  🙂
  • ALMOST landscaped our back yard – yeah! – but then had to “landscape” my teeth instead due to a failed root canal.  Boo!  Maybe next year!
  • Celebrated Bethany Dianne Kelly’s 22 b-day.  Love this girl so much!  And am very proud of her.
  • Celebrated the best mom of all – Maxine Morarie – for Mother’s Day and was spoiled rotten by my own kids.

JUNE Highlights

  • Coffee with the lovely Becky Mininger.  She’s the best.
  • A weekend getaway with our friends – Debb and Rick.  Oh, yes, it was me – thanks for asking – I did catch the first AND ONLY fish!
  • And it begins…Heavenfest Meetings for Leadership as well as weekly meetings with Rushelle Hathoot my friend and the brains behind Artist Services!  The best Director ever!
  • And….more meetings – the Bolivian Mission Trip trainings are also in full throttle – personality profiles, learning to navigate a superball poised on a piece of pipe connected by long strips of string, held by the team, through a doorway, we did it! Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! Learning more about each other and how we can facilitate through all our collective strengths and weaknesses.  Thanks, McDaniels’ for such great training!
  • Rob and I also have the privilege of doing pre-marriage counseling and began sessions for a couple near and dear to our hearts.  Josh and Emma – your wedding is almost here now!  Woot, woot!  Let the celebrations begin!
  • Took in a fabulous coffee house show by Ethan Springer and the very amazing Elise Rochelle Kelly.  🙂
  • Celebrated 26 years of wedded bliss with my super wonderful Husband, Rob Kelly.  26 years and lots of livin’ under our belts!  Here’s to decades and decades more!
  • Traveled to Marquette University and DePaul University in Milwaukee and Chicago for 2 conferences for work.  Took the train for the first time in my life in the US to Indianapolis to see the wonderful Steve and Amy Jo Baker and their kiddos – Carson, Ethan and Savannah.  Great trip.
  • Had the privilege of teaching at Church with Sheryl Sorensen.  For our Marriage Series, Sheryl and I shared with the men while Rob shared with the women.  Giving each the perspective on healthy marriages and how to honor your spouse from the perspective of the opposite sex.  I love our church.

JULY Highlights

  • Turned 45.  Rob gave me a “Birthday Scavenger Hunt” for my gift.  So much fun!  Had envelopes with:  Location, Time, Price, and Gift Category on them.  Depending on what I chose, I would have (X) amount of time, at (X) location, to buy (X) category for (X) dollars!  It was hilarious.  And, Rob enjoyed being the time-keeper!  Saved him from having to pre-medicate (Excedrin Extra Strength) before shopping with me.  LOL  First stop was “WalMart” for “24 min” to buy “Jewelry” with “$35!  So much fun.
  • More and more Heavenfest preparations….emails galore, 332 spreadsheets gathering info and sorting it and then making schedules, requesting printing, requesting credentials, requesting volunteers, requesting golf carts, radios, and tons of other materials…
  • Said “See ya soon” to our good friends Jason and Neva Lamb and their boys as they are off on an adventure, Jason took a Youth Leader position in Johnson City, TN – it’s a long way for Neva to commute!  Poor Neva!
  • Celebrating with Malia and Jon in honor of their upcoming wedding.
  • And finally, on the 30th of July, just a little happening called HEAVENFEST!!!!!  Woot, woot!  As I told my team…
    “Oh my goodness, Rushelle and I had the best team ever!  We are so proud of you guys – you rocked it big time and you are all definitely our rock stars!  Thank you so much for — inhaling 72 pounds of dust, sweating 33 pounds of sweat, walking the equivalent of 92 miles, golf carting oodles of artists and their stuff, sweeping trash and refilling ice and water hundreds of time throughout the day in the green room, facilitating smooth transitions of artists for: check in, stage time, green room, hospitality tent, transportation, merch, and answering all kinds of weird questions all day long.  A few of you probably have “radio ears”  – there’s probably still a ringing in your ears from the constant radio chatter.  (If you’re still hearing chatter that’s just the voices in your head.)  And a big thanks to the airport greeters who were the first “face of Heavenfest” our artists saw – you were amazing! And to all the drivers who drove yourselves silly from the wee hours of the morning on Saturday to mid afternoon Sunday – hats off to you!!! Seriously – we could not have managed without you!!!!  And I am sure there were dozens of other ways you served that we weren’t even aware of, thanks so much! Hopefully you are all recovering well – are nicely showered and somewhat rested.  You’ve blown your nose 47 times to get the dust out of your sinuses and are feeling the sense of satisfaction on a job well done!!  Every year we hear back from artists on how well they were treated and that there was such a great “spirit” amongst all the volunteers and I am certain it will not only be the same this year but even could surpass all expectations!”  (All stats are merely exaggerated estimates, FYI). 🙂

Which brings me to August….the month has just begun, but it starts with celebrating the man I love – Rob Kelly!  He turns 46 today.  And our friend Rick Bresina shares his birthday!  Happy birthday, gentlemen!  May you both have an incredibly wonderful day.

AUGUST happenings…

  • Flying to Oregon to see friends I grew up with in Bolivia – some I haven’t seen for nearly 30 years!
  • Biri’s Quinceanera
  • Stephanie and Ryan – wedding!!!!
  • Celebrating Debbie Bresina’s parents 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • Josh and Emma – wedding!
  • Jon and Malia – wedding
  • Dinner with Russ and Jani – finally catching up on all our Maui adventures….
  • Final prep for Bolivia Mission trip – which happens in September!!!!
  • And hoping to get together with several other friends and family throughout the month.

So – life is never boring.  I am a blessed woman.


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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