Today was a very full day, once again.  I decided that it might be fun to give another perspective from someone on the team rather than mine for the day, so here are the highlights from my interview:

  • Today was the first Compassion Project that we began our work at.  Villa Tunari church in El Alto.
  • First field trip of the day included reviewing the best practices and procedures for the very intimidating “squatty potties” which are the only option at some of the centers.  Apparently there is quite a skill to master so as not to, well, let’s just say you don’t want to lose your balance, that’s for sure.   There was even some subtle squat practicing in the lobby of our hotel today and it was passed off as doing “exercises”, seriously, guys?!  Too funny. And since we’re on the subject, another fun little tidbit about the bathrooms in Bolivia, since many locations don’t have the option for really good plumbing and sewer systems, you have to throw all your toilet paper in a waste bin next to the toilet.  This has taken some getting used to, and we do hope to break this habit when we return back to our families.  LOL
  • When we first arrived at the site, it was raining so hard that it looked doubtful that we would be able to work on the construction project. Upon our arrival we began sorting all of the supplies we brought for the crafts and activities for the kids.  Among the “centers” we did for them today we had:  Spanish/English lessons, Bead bracelets, coloring/pintando (it was so amazing how well and careful they were at coloring, even the very little ones).
  • As we were setting up we were invited to go downstairs to learn more about the CSP (Child Survival Program that is a part of Compassion) that is run out of the center.  From what we understood they had only been doing this program for six months.  As we walked in, the mothers greeted us with a wonderful array of baked goods that they had made with some special drinks.  We were all overwhelmed with the precious babies on each mother’s lap.  And so began the “baby passing”.  Each of us had the chance to cuddle a sweet baby with big brown eyes and sweet little cheeks.  One of the women spoke and welcomed us and thanked us for our church’s support and how much it means to the women.  There appeared to be about 50 women in the center there.  Four of the women shared their personal testimony of how this program had helped them overcome some very hard situations.  Not all women were single mothers, but many were.  They have learned a trade through this program that they will use to earn a living and they are learning how to take good care of their children.  It was so important for them to know that their children will also get to be a part of the Child Sponsor Program as they grow older.
  • We also were able to experience throughout the day three home visits.  This included groups of our team going to see where the children lived.  This is a hard but beautiful experience because it reminds us to be extremely thankful and gives us insight into the lives of our Bolivian brothers and sisters.  We see firsthand the evidence of the impact Compassion’s partnership with the local church makes.  We also see so much heartache and we know better how to pray.
  • Lunch was at the center.  And by this time the weather had cleared.  Yeah!  So the men were able to work on the construction project along with the local men and women from the center.  It was amazing to watch our team and see the stamina God gave them to work so hard in this altitude.  Yeah, God!  A few did stop to puke once in a while, but then kept going strong.
  • The women in the group played, and played, and played, and then played with the children, this center serves about a hundred kiddos.  These little children soak up love like a sponge.  We played soccer, played with jump ropes, bubbles and also gave them a puppet show.  Now that was very interesting.  Because most of the team can’t speak Spanish fluently, we decided to have two puppets speak English and have two puppets be the Spanish translators.  It was quite hilarious at times.   The kids loved it though.
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg on all that went on in this center today, but it gives you the idea.
  • After returning to the hotel, everyone quickly “freshened up” and we went to a nearby hotel where we participated in the first night of the Pastor’s conference.  It was so great to see so many pastors come from really far places to be encouraged and motivated to continue their good work.  They were so extremely grateful for us being here.  Rob and our good friend and pastor, Torrey House of Creekside Bible Church, shared messages, Dan Wakefield and I shared some music and it was just an awesome evening of being together.  God is up to something big here!
  • Once again, I must say, I am so proud of our team.  They are putting forth tremendous effort and are doing so with incredible grace and joyful hearts.

About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Theresa Irsik Smith says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories so that we at home can understand the importance and challenges that our loves ones have chosen to participate in. I have to admit my heart fills with joy and my eyes with tears as I read. God has already blessed this journey and continues to guide you all with his strength. Let me know if you need any soccer tips.

    In Christ name,

    Terri Irsik Smith
    Nederland, Colorado

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