Though the news is out and most of you know, I have to write some thoughts about one of the most amazing days of my life.

A couple of months ago our daughter Robbin and her husband Jakob came by our house.  Robbin and I were headed out to celebrate her birthday, she had just turned 25, with a movie and dinner.  I was to pick her up at her house, but she called and said Jake was going to bring her to meet me at my house – mumbling that it had something to do with the way things worked out for their cars and he could just pick her up and bring her instead of me picking her up.  First clue something was up.  I missed it.

Rob and I decided to sit out on our porch swing and catch up on our day with each other while waiting for Robbin and Jake to arrive.  During our discussion I realized I forgot to make a phone call, so decided to make it then.  Rob also had to call someone so we both were on our phones when Robbin and Jake drove up.  They seemed normal getting out of the car and when we saw Jake get out with Robbin, we were happy that we’d get the chance to visit for a little bit.  Clue number 2 that something was up.  Missed it.

Rob and I both glanced at Robbin and Jake and motioned we’d be done soon with our phone calls.  As we both finished up, we joined Jake and Robbin on our porch.  We chattered on about life, the weather, our days…random conversation until time slowed down as we heard Robbin say, “Well…….” Somehow the tone of her voice captured our attention.  Clue number 3 that something was up – I was finally getting it. “…I’m pregnant!” Robbin blurted out.  I think both Rob and I felt our hearts beat fast and we just looked at them both for a second trying to let this wonderful news sink in.  With extreme joy, the 132 series of hugging each other and laughing began.  How exciting!  There hadn’t been a ton of conversation from Robbin and Jake about having a baby, so we were not expecting this news.  As Robbin went into detail about how they had reacted when the pregnancy test showed positive I glanced at my husband – Rob LOVES kids.  He has dreamed of this day for many years.  We both were excited for this day to come.  In between moments of sharing, Rob kept hugging Robbin and telling her with tear-filled eyes, “I’m so happy!  I’m so happy!”  If you know me, you know there is no doubt that I was a little over the moon with excitement!  I called Jake’s mom right away to congratulate her on becoming a grandma with me – oh the fun we will have!  For both of us it is our first grandchild.  This baby will be maybe just a little bit spoiled!

Robbin is 15 weeks along now.  I have an ultrasound picture beside my desk and every day I glance at it and say a prayer for this wonderful baby.  Robbin and Jake have decided to find out if it’s a boy or a girl in December.  Rob and I are counting the days.  Either way, we pray for a healthy baby.  Everywhere I look I seem to notice babies and pregnant mommies.  It makes me smile.

Grandma, Granny, Nana, Grams….what is this beautiful little child going to call me?  I dream of holding this baby, dream of holding its little hand, dream of baking cookies with this child on a chair beside me, with flour all over the place and sticky little fingers helping me.  I can imagine sitting with my little grandchild, reading Dr. Seuss stories and being so impressed as my grandchild joins in and reads with me since we will have read the books dozens of times together.  Yes, I am ready to be a grandma.  I will try not to be an overprotective, overwhelming grandma.  I will try to be a fun grandma.  Wow.  This is just crazy!  I can’t even tell you the thoughts that swirl in my head as I dream about this little boy or little girl!  I wonder who the baby will look like.

Little baby Brown, you are loved already by so many – your mom and dad, your grandparents, aunts and uncles to be and many more…  Grow safely and healthily, little one.  We are all very excited to meet you.  You will not lack for attention, that’s for sure. We all have big plans for you.  Already on the calendar is a date with grandpa Rob to go to a Rockies game on August 2nd, 2012.  I know you’ll only be a little over 3 months old, but hey, according to your grandpa it’s never to early to start going to baseball games!  He might let your mom or dad go too.  Grandpa Rob has also begun plans for digging out all his race tracks and cars so that the living room can be converted into a big racetrack where you can play with the cars and giggle as they fly around the racetrack!

Also, just so you know, your parents are going to be GREAT parents.  You will have so much fun with them.  They will dote on you and help you grow; you captured their hearts the moment they found out you were going to be joining them and making them a family!  And know that your grandma, that’s me, is so excited to meet you she can hardly stand it! Ok, that’s all for now.  Stay warm and safe, little one, stay warm and safe.  In due time you will make your grand appearance and what a day that will be!

About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Jeanie says:

    YOU ARE GOING TO L-O-V-E IT, but also be soooooo great at it!

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