Today is a great day.  Sunshine.  No wind (whew) and the first day I am going to run outside.  On purpose.  Yikes!  I went to the gym this morning to do some core strength training and a light cardio warm up.  In about an hour Rob is taking this infant runner outside…I am hoping to prove to myself that my treadmill wins can actually transfer to an outside run.  I can do this…right?  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

Rob also gave me this website to get a few chuckles but also to inspire me.  When I watched the video and they said, “If you smile when you run, this sight isn’t for you…”  I was in.  I can’t say that I smile…yet.  But the day will come, oh, yes it will!

I still feel pretty vulnerable posting my thoughts and feelings about this journey.  Why?  Because, I’m laying it all out there for everyone to scrutinize and I’m laying it all out there and what if I don’t succeed?  But, I’m laying it all out there and with that is an enormous sense of accountability.  There’s no turning back now.  I said I would do this.  I am doing this, and apparently a few of you are actually tracking to see if I really do this! Eek!

Next steps on my journey – to move from the “cop out” method (although it’s been a great method for me so far) of eating Lean Cuisines because the calorie counts are all built in for me, to understanding more about nutrition and what I should and can eat that is fresh and easy to fix.  Maybe I’ll just keep my current system going a little longer…but this needs to happen because I think it would be a great lifestyle switch to pay attention to what I am putting in to my body and to understand what will be the best fuel for my other activity goals.  Any tips are welcome!  Or, if anyone wants to be my personal training chef, you’re hired.  The pay is really cheap though.

So, to the runners who are so in to running they have made it a part of their everyday life, I salute you!  To the runners who are striving to get there, keep it up!  To the infant runners (that’s me) who dream of success, don’t give up!  It’s one foot, after the other foot, after the other foot….one minute, after another minute, after another….one day….you get the idea!


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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