Yep, that’s what I typically do.  I have learned over the years to control this, but generally, if I am completely startled into instant “terrification” (means terrified mode), my stomach responds with a hardy upchuck of whatever contents happen to be in the digestive mode at the time.  Just ask Rob – he learned this the hard way right after we were married.  

Back in 1985 just newly married, Rob decided it would be hilarious to scare me in the shower.  He pulled back the shower curtain and made some kind of “rawwwwr” noise to which I responded by collapsing into the fetal position and then grabbing for the toilet bowl to puke my guts out.  Not the response he was hoping for.  

Over the years there have been midnight phone calls or other things that have instantly terrified me and I’ve had the same response.  Now I immediately go into a “self soothing” mode of basically chanting over and over (mostly in my head but sometimes out loud) “Don’t throw up, don’t throw up…”  I can usually avoid the puking now and just start breathing deeply and try to stop shaking all over.

If you’ve ever worked in an office with me before, you know that if we meet around a corner without my knowledge that you are there I will typically respond with a resounding “Oh, you scared me!” accompanied by an enormous fright filled gasp.  Some mean people – I’m not naming names, but one is Greg Stier – have tried to make me puke by startling – actually made it a goal of his, how mean is that?  He never succeeded in seeing me puke but he sure did scare me a time or two!  I remember wandering around the office on a late working day saying under my breath “I know you’re there, Greg, I know you’re there!!!!” and still completely come unglued when he jumped out from behind a door.

This all came to mind recently because Rob tried to gently wake me up last night to let me know he had to go help someone late in the night and he didn’t want me to worry if I woke up and didn’t see him.  He tapped my shoulder and softly said, “Carol Ann”….but I was in such a deep sleep and it startled me awake and I ALMOST puked…had to really work the mind over matter soothing mantra – “Don’t throw up, Don’t throw up!”  

Anyone else do this?  Generate the not so pleasant puke response if you get startled?  Just curious. 🙂

(BTW – this is not an invitation to scare me needlessly just to try to get me to puke…)


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Alison says:

    That is so weird, I get startled easily but I recover. I guess you wouldn’t be much good on a stakeout?

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