Hello friends and family and others following along!

Today was another full day!  There was quite a traffic jam on our way to our work sites today, climbing out of the city of La Paz into El Alto. We got a very good induction into what it must be like to try to get to work, let alone on time, due to the crazy traffic and invented lanes people made as everyone made their way along the roads.  Though the road was meant to have 4 lanes, it seemed the natural thing to do when that wasn’t working for a person was to invent additional lanes.  Also throw in pedestrians and roaming dogs weaving in and out of the traffic lanes and police officers attempting to bring order to the chaotic drivers.  I really wish I could truly explain how this works…you have to experience to really understand and believe it is that crazy!  A few team members have determined they could never drive here and if they did, they’d have heart failure.  It is quite entertaining, I must say!

The guys all worked hard on a construction of a new Compassion Center.  The team is excited to be a part of this construction site which is connected to a church plant.  When finished it will have 2 stories and 4 classrooms which should allow the church to accommodate around 200 children.  We are hoping we can get the concrete roof poured before our time is up on that project on Wednesday!

The women helped in classrooms at another center with many different activities, playing and laughing with the kids.  A few of us were able to work alongside one of the site cooks.  She was tackling a pile of hundreds of potatoes that needed peeled.  She was very skilled at peeling with a sharp knife and we were not, but we tried!  It’s safe to say she peeled about 10 potatoes to every 1 we did.  We’ve got some practicing to do! The cooks outdid themselves today at the Compassion Center and we had the most delicious trout with rice, french fries and vegetables.  It was really delicious!  A few of our ladies also played soccer with the kids…a first for several of them – playing soccer for the first time, in El Alto, in this altitude, it was quite the adventure!

We had some interesting transportation and logistics mix ups that had some of us laughing until our sides hurt.  Sometimes I think God just knows we need to laugh and allows for the circumstances to foster that laughter!  During one point when we were waiting for our bus to arrive, we stumbled on an astro turf fulbito court in a random backyard.  They rented the field out by the hour to those in the neighborhoods who wanted to play.  One of the men working on this field also is connected to the church, so he invited us to come and play a little fulbito (sort of like soccer with a smaller ball and a smaller field.  It was really fun for a few minutes and took me back to my high school days.

The weather has cooperated nicely, for us it’s mild and comfortable and for our Bolivian friends it seems a bit chilly.  We’ve been thankful for the sunshine and are soaking it up – it’s probably like a nice fall or late spring temperature most of the time.  They are moving out of winter into spring here.  One thing we have noticed is that sunscreen is a MUST in this high altitude being so much closer to the sun!

Tomorrow we go back to the same place and are looking forward to having another day with the kids and at the construction site.  I am really excited to publish a few more pictures, but having some technical difficulties in loading them.  Hoping to resolve the issues soon!

Thanks again for your prayers and love for all of us!

Until next time.

(Carol Ann for the team)


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Grateful to hear how God has allowed the team to practice flexibility! I love hearing that the wonderful relationships with the children and workers have taken off. Been praying for the team and trusting that God will do a work in each person’s heart and will use them to accomplish His greater purposes on the field there. Tell everyone I said hello and that I’m proud of everyone of them.

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