Wow!  Tomorrow is our last full day in LaPaz/El Alto.  As we reflected on this today over dinner we commented that the time has literally flown by and yet each day feels like 2 or 3 days packed in to one!

We spent our first day at our next work site/Compassion Center today.  This center is brand new. Opened only 8 months.  We were greeted by the children a couple of blocks from church and given the joy of walking with these sweet kids for a few blocks. Once inside the church/center they made a small presentation of children dressed in the various typical dress of many other cities in Bolivia.  It was interesting for us all to see the variety of the traditional dress.

We split into 2 groups, one group worked as fast as they could on the construction project building additional MUCH NEEDED classroom space for the kids, and the other group worked in the classrooms of the various age groups of kids.  During the morning I had the opportunity to go on a home visit.  These home visits always tug on your heart strings.  We went to the home of a family whose child is in the Compassion Program.  The lady barely spoke Spanish, so she spoke Aymara which was then translated for us.  She shared that she has 10 kids.  Her oldest daughter is 25 and her youngest son is 4.  They shared a bit of their life and what struck me the most was how genuine and thankful they were for what they had (which by our standards was literally nothing).  We took along a special care package for the family and they were so thankful!  Food and resources have been scarce for this family with so many mouths to feed! The daughter’s boyfriend played the accordion for us and they all sang a song for us.  It was beautiful.

As we prepared to leave we asked if they had any prayer requests they would like to share.  We expected them to share about their hardship and need of finances but instead of that, they requested that we ask God to give them added strength so they could share with others how much God loved them!  Their humble, sweet and joy-filled personalities were a huge testimony to us of how God’s love can sustain a person.  We were very touched.  We gave them a gift of household staples (flour, oil, sugar, etc.) and when we presented it to the Mom, she wept with joy.  There were very few dry eyes in their home.

This post is short, but wanted you all to know we are doing well and we are so excited for our last day tomorrow.  🙂


About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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