Clara yells this whenever she arrives at my house.  And if Rob is home it’s soon a symphony of “Papa!”  “Grammie!” over and over.  Then she jumps into one of our arms and pats our shoulder and gives the sweetest hugs.  There’s nothing like it.

Baby Clara About 5 Months Old


Here are some of the fun things about this cute little “pumpkin noodle” as I sometimes call her:

  • She now has definitely entered the phase of wanting to do EVERYTHING herself.  So she often declares, “Cwara!” which we quickly have to translate into she wants to do it herself.
  • She loves her family and we look at pictures and she identifies everyone and where they are….Daddy at church – Mommy at work, Papa at work, Feffany (Bethany) at work, Dight (Dwight) at work, Seesy (Elise) at work, Grammie B. in Nebraska, Hazel in Nebraska…and so on. It’s really fun to see how much she knows everyone and understands they belong to her.
  • If you don’t know where something is and she doesn’t either and you ask her where it is…”Where is your sippy cup?”  She will say, “My room”.  Apparently that is where she stashes stuff. 🙂
  • She counts pretty well up to 9 now.  Her counting skills follow this pattern.  What comes after 1?  2, What comes after 2? 3, all the way through 9 and then after 9 she says 6!  Still pretty good for an 18 month old!
  • She LOVES to read books. She knows their titles and in her own Clara-speak will tell you what she wants to read.
  • She LOVES you to sing to her, but she has a specific song in mind so it becomes a guessing game as to which song she wants.  You might start singing and she’ll abruptly look at you and say harshly, “NO!” Until the magic song is finally selected and then she smiles big and when you’re done she’ll say, “More!”
  • When I say “Who’s grammie’s sugar?”  She knows – “Cwara grammie’s sugar!” she says with a big smile.
  • She’s a seasoned “star” for the paparrazi, or Grammarazzi as my family calls me…when she is aware of a camera she barely looks up but will say nonchalantly, “CHEESE” and then go back to whatever she’s doing.  It’s really funny!

Happy 18 months old, Clara!  – Nov. 7th, 2013


There are SO many more things.  I love this little person.  And the wonderful thing is 2 more bouncing grandbabies are on their way!  This Grammie’s heart is beyond excited.  Little baby boy coming in January, Grammie CAN’T WAIT to get her arms around you!  And baby (?) coming in May, Grammie is so excited for you to join in the fun – you will have a wonderful big sister and a cousin when you join us – fantastic! 2014 is going to be an incredibly exciting year!

About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Toyja says:

    Love this post, you really made me smile and I have got to find a way to see her. thank you so much for writing this and bringing me a smile CAK!!!

  2. Kathy says:

    So cute! Clara sounds like a fun little girl. Congrats on the grandbabies on the way!

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