My mom asked me yesterday if I’ve had much time for reading.  Sigh.  I wish it was so.  I remember the days when reading a good book was a big part of my day.  Now it becomes a task I must do, if it’s required reading for my job, or to understand how to do something more effectively.  I long for those days of luxuriously slipping in to the pages of a book, painting grand landscapes in my imagination, giving life to the characters of the book, honing in on the details I like to gift them, “she is tall, has lots of freckles, green eyes and jet black hair…he is stooped over in stature, has a piercing dark eyes and uses a cane to walk.”  You do that, too, don’t you?  Give life to the characters you are reading about? But, I digress….

I also reflected on how much I loved blogging. Once. Many moons ago.  I was a consistent blogger. What happened?

In the past 3 years here’s a bit of a rundown. I got a new job (which I love and am still there), I broke my foot and had about a year’s worth of recovery, Rob got a new job (which he loves and is still there), we moved….a lot!  We packed up everything from 17 years in our house, stored stuff, gave stuff away, trashed stuff and rented our house.  We moved downtown to the heart of the city.  What an adventure we had! For nearly 14 months, just us two.  Walking city blocks, eating all the the things, seeing all the things, enjoying all the things.  It was so much fun!  But then…we decided to sell our house and figure out what’s next.  We worked and worked.  Oh, did we work – and so did others we contracted to help.  The house was in as tip top shape as we could make it and within 2 days on the market it sold!  Bam!  AND in the midst of that we offhandedly checked out another house from a family referral and we loved it!  But seriously, how in the world could things work out to live there?  With lots of prayers and with God’s grace – we made an offer, they accepted and just like that the another new season was upon us.  We moved — from the city and 2 bedroom loft with hardly anything but each other and our little Sophie princess dog — to a larger home on acreage and then some, beautifully landscaped (Rob has a riding mower and so far, it’s fun!).  And we added in a soon to be HUGE blue tick coonhound named Preacher to the mix just for additional delight!  We love our new home.  Oh, and in the midst of this my beautiful youngest daughter is getting married in less than a month so we’ve been plowing through weddingness, planning all the things and enjoying the way it is coming all together.

So…let’s add it all up.  2 new jobs, 2 moves, major injury, wedding planning, new puppy. Hmmmm… in answer to your question, Mom, “No, I haven’t been able to read very much these days.”

But, my hope is that will change.  I have some course correcting to do.  Like restricting the urge to mindless watch stuff that is all prescribed for me so that I can resurrect the fantastic imagination I was given to build scenes in my mind – played just for me – and they can be as whimsical, intense, comical, or dramatic as I want them to be because I’m truly the only audience for the picture in my mind. 🙂

I also have high hopes that the bulk of moving and major life changes are behind me…for awhile, as God sees fit.  I look forward to reading!  I look forward to just sitting and enjoying the gorgeous views from my patio.  I look forward to the huge hound dog sitting beside me lazily (well….that isn’t likely to happen until who knows when – he’s a rascally puppy for now), and I look forward to exercising my brain a little more…blogging out some of the pent up creativity that’s been dormant.

You may choose to read what I write, or you won’t.  You may agree with what I write or you won’t but that’s okay.  I just know that writing is cathartic for me.  I enjoy it, and I’ve missed it almost as much as reading for fun!

Until next time…which hopefully is soon!


Any book recommendations?

About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. Nice to read your thoughts again! Wow, what a whirlwind! Probably the two best books I read last year were Friends of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (for the creative brain). Hope you get some time to read!!

  2. Denise Schowe says:

    I am so happy to catch up with your blog whenever you have the time for it. Congratulations on the new home, the upcoming wonderful marriage and to things calming down a bit.

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