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Birthday: July 5th

Background: Born to Missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie.  Lived most of the first 15 years of my life in Bolivia, South America.  My hometown in Bolivia is Cochabamba.

Came to the United States in 1982.  Graduated from Englewood High School in 1983.

Graduated from Regis University with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, in 2005.  (22 years later from high school graduation…but who’s counting?  What can I say, I took the scenic route…and it was beautiful!  Married at 18, gave birth to 3 kids, and lots of adventures in between!)

Who I am: (In no particular order…) Rob’s wife — for 37+ years, and loving it!  Mom to 3 gorgeous daughters!  Mother-in-law to my fabulous son-in-loves, Jake, Dwight and Rylan. Grammie to Clara, Jonah, Eli, and Lorelei – I love love love being Grammie to these delightful humans!  Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Neighbor. Colleague. Full-time friend to many people. Bigtime music lover and reader. I love to find fun in everything I do….my motto:  LIFE, put your heart into it and laugh, A LOT!

Where I work(ed):  It’s been a fun work journey over the years!  First job was at Englewood High School helping with computer “punch cards – if you know, you know” and sorting addresses in their administrative building. Right after high school, I worked for Sheplers Western Wear as a cashier.  I was so excited with my first few paychecks there that I blew them all on winter coats for my parents and sister for Christmas.  I felt so grown up! LOL. After a really short stint working with a Farmer’s Insurance Agent, I started working at First Interstate Bank in Englewood where I worked as a drive-up teller and then as a commercial teller.  Some really funny memories from that stint!  Then I had a hiatus from work after Robbin was born.  When she was a little older, I worked as the church secretary for First Christian Church. After we moved from where we had been in Englewood, CO to Northglenn, CO, I had 2 sweet babies so stayed home with them and added a 3rd sweet baby soon after.  I stayed at home until they were all in elementary school and did all sorts of odd jobs – childcare in my home for some friends, stocking cheese at a commissary, Spanish translation and interpretation work for various places, editing work, and really whatever could bring in a few pesos to help us stay afloat.  When the girls were all in elementary school, I returned to the workforce – working for Adams 12 School District for several years at Malley Drive and Glacier Peak Elementary.  During this time I also went back to finish my bachelor’s degree.  What a wild ride it was!  Next came a time at Dare 2 Share Ministries – I wore many hats there:  front desk, executive assistant, director of PR and Marketing; Goals, Inc (a non-profit helping families in the community – I helped with the Adult Education portion of the work); Regis University – as the Assistant Director of Service Learning for both the Adult College of Professional Studies and the Health College; Denver Health Hospital – as a lean coordinator, lean facilitator, senior lean facilitator, and senior lean operations strategist; and finally….currently working as a Senior Trips and Visits Specialist at Compassion International.  I get to help build processes and plan trips and connections for individuals to the work Compassion does all around the world helping release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. It’s such a blessing!

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  1. chris says:

    that’s odd what a small world it is, my sister goes to nyack,shes a senior… and I used to go to tambo.

    although only for a year, but still. Quite the coincidence.

    Although im slightly ashamed to send you my myspace link . So I wont. Where as most of the comments are pretty terrible.

  2. henriette szabo says:

    hi,i live in bolivia, and i’m writing a book about ayoreo history in base of interviews with an elderly ayoreo. he talked a lot about maxine and her works. but i could never find anything. i’d be interested to know if there is anything she wrote and photos of life in tobite, during the bible translation, etc. please, let me know if you got this mail and if you have anything. i’d be most grateful.


  3. MARK says:

    don’t forget to mention that you are one of my favorite people!

  4. Morris Olson says:

    Hi Carol Ann
    My name is Morris Olson. I had lived in the village of Tobite from January 1973 to November 1989. Sure had some wonderful memories of the Ayore work there. Not sure if you
    remember me as you were quite young at that time.
    I enjoyed reading your article and truly remember the nice work your parent did in Bolivia.

    Some one was just out to Tobite in July and mentioned that
    some of the church Elders are getting quite old now and very difficult for them to get around.

    I have been retired since 2001
    Morris Olson

  5. Lori Kempf says:

    Hi Carol,
    you were a fuzzy headed cute baby when i knew you. I’m a Tambo-ite…Went to school with Mike (he would play guitars with Jon Johnson) knew your sis Nancy, and saw Mark and his kind wife in Cbba back in late 80’s.
    I’ve been searchin for a Tambo or New Tribes blog in order to find out about my friend Bonita Johnson who I heard died recently. We were in highschool together. I wish to send my condolences to her family. Did I read right that both of your parents are gone? Wow, Uncle Howard and Aunt Maxine died?
    My parents worked with the Chimanes in San Borja.

    I have grief today about these losses.

    Take Care,

    Lori Kempf

    • Judy Yund says:

      Hi Lori, My name is Judy Mikaelsen Yund. I am presently living outside of La Paz and building a hospi
      tal in Amachuma. I remember the Johnson family. I was at Tambo from 1966 to 1968 when I graduated from there. I didn’t know about Bonita. Lately I have been in touch with Ann Johnson on Facebook. She might be able to give you info. God bless you! Judy

  6. Janette Metzger says:

    Carol Ann,

    We were in Tobite on July5, 1966! Mark stayed with us while your parents went to Cochabamba awaiting your arrival . Now, after so many years ,it is delightful to learn of your lovely family and your fruitful ministry at Northern Hills Christian Church.
    I wrote to your mother but the address I have is not valid any longer and my letter was returned. Can you help me out?
    May the Lord continue to bless you and make you a blessing.

    Janette ( Jenny) Metzger

  7. Alison(Murrin) Sellner says:

    Hi Carol, I loved reading your website. I would love to talk sometime. Love, Alison

  8. Deby Castro says:

    Hola, chiquita! What a surprise to find you on the web! I’m looking for Bo Bradford. Heard anything from them? Hey, write me back. Because of your page, I feel somewhat “caught up” but you don’t know about me! Great to bump into you again. Loves and kisses, Deby Castro – TAMBO ’82

  9. Hello Carol Ann – I went to Tambo with your brother Howard in 1960’s. He was a couple years younger than I. I am sorry about your parents. I admit I do not remember you. But I found you cuz I am looking for Charlotte Metzgar. I believe you had an e-mail earlier this year from her mom. Would you be willing – if you have her e-mail to send her my e-mail and ask her to contact me?

    Did I understand right? You write music? Praise and worship? I LOVE new songs!!

    Galilee Borden Weldon
    Tambo 1963 -1967

  10. Fred David Fuller says:

    I graduated from Tambo in 64. I’ve lost track of everyone and then I found this site! Classmates were Herb Winstanley, Dan and Joan Frewing, others ??? Mr. Pitinger was there and Miss Hvitved was just arriving.
    I heard the school had closed; is that true?

  11. Katie says:

    I was a Depue, married now and am a Hoffman. Attended Tambo with my Depue cousins in 1976-77. It was a teriffic year. You summed it up really well about Tambo. I loved it there. Currently I’m a worship leader, keyboards and piano. Also direct a choir and accompany a homeschool choir. I coach a large volleyball team. My husband Randy and I have 6 amazing children and many, many opportunities to serve the Lord here in PA. We are committed to His ways!! God bless you. Karna Depue Hoffman

  12. Bernie Buchegger says:

    Hi Carol Ann Kelly, my name is Bernie Buchegger,

    A quick hello to you and to say how much I liked the info on your facebook family profile.
    My parents often spoke of the adventures of life in Tobite Bolivia in the early ’60s during their time with New Tribes Mission. I was born in Cochabamba, my first 5 years were spent in Tobite with my brother Philip, sisters Ingrid and Heidi, Erica and parents Joyce and Henry.
    I have lots of great and impressional memories from those times. They have been a great factor in molding the person that I am. Later, in ’66 ’67, my brother Philip and I went to Tambo. After several more years living in the Chaco region of Paraguay, in ’72 we, as a family returned to live in Canada.
    Kind Regards Carol,
    Bernie Buchegger

  13. Matt Humphrey says:

    Hi Carol,
    Stumbled across your website while looking for references to Tobite’. My parents went to bible school with Paul and Marilyn Gess at GRSBM in the early 60’s. I am going to Bolivia with Paul this June/July and after reading a little on this page wanted to ask if you know them. They would have been back in Bolivia around the time you were born. Maybe you knew there kids Tim, Jonathan, and Kathy (?).
    I am meeting with Paul tomorrow night to go over the details of our trip, I will ask him then if he knew you/your parents. Maybe this is the year you make good on your plan to return to Bolivia ….. =)
    God Bless,
    ~ Matt

  14. John David Beckes says:

    Hi Carol Ann – I was at Tambo in 9th grade 1967-1968. As my mother was dying of cancer her good friend Jean Bates invited me to Bolivia for a year. My time at Tambo was the Best!!! It’s great to hear some tidbits posted in these replys- I think Mr. and Mrs Lotz were our house parents in the boys dorm. They were so nice except during inspection – we all ended up with after school chores – I did a lot of digging on some hole near the dorm- Paul (played guitar at all the campfires) and Melody were a couple. I do remember the Metzgars – Paul? had a litte sister Becky Metzgar – I had such the crush on her- all I could do at study hall was stare at her. Wasn’t Mrs Gess the nurse? She saved my life when I had disentary- I’m sure I remember a Howie and Nancy Morarie.

    • cakboliv says:

      Thanks for stopping in, John, Tambo holds a ton of memories for so many! It was fun reading yours. Ah work detail….I sure remember those days as well! Somehow I got off easy as I could make really good pies and often ended up making pies for those on staff. 🙂

  15. Ronald L Tuell (Bailey) says:

    I enjoyed learning more about my aunt who I have yet to meet. That will happen in August of next year. I am William’s oldest son. I just found all my family this year and look forward to meeting as many of you as I can.

  16. Ben Golder says:

    Hello, I don’t really know what I have to say other than I want to say something to you aha. Weird way to start. Anyways I think my dad went to Tambo, the boarding school you wrote about in Bolivia. He passed away when I was young but his name was Donald Golder, the son of Larry Golder. I guess it’s a long shot for you to know of them. I never knew my grandfather but anyways it’s really interesting reading some your experience.

    • cakboliv says:

      Hi Ben – Sorry for the delay in my response. I don’t often update this blog any more. However, yes, I did know your dad. I was closer in age to Debbie, his sister. But our family knew your family well. Your dad did attend Tambo and likely my brother Mark would have more insights and stories about your dad. They were closer in age. 🙂 Hope you are well and maybe someday you can visit Bolivia. Best – Carol Ann

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