Bridge Repair

I picked up a Celtic Prayer Book at a thrift store several years ago.  From time to time I really enjoy the prayers and insights in this book.  Today was one of those days.  Here’s an excerpt that was very thought-provoking to me today from the Aidan readings section, May 8th:

Imagine your soul as being like the Tyne Bridge. There are busy times and quiet times.  The job of the bridge is not to ask what is in the cars or lorries but simply to bear their weight for a few seconds and then allow them to go on their way.  There is no problem when the flow of traffic is even, but when breakdowns and bottlenecks occur, the fights and impatience begin.  Your soul, too, has to take the weight and let it go.  The suffering becomes prolonged only when you do not acknowledge its existence and let it pass on.  Then it sits on your soul like a judgement.

The time to repair the bridge is in the night when the traffic is light.  Your prayer in the quiet times gives you the strength to cope with the heavy, busy times.  You dig, patch and repair in the night.  As a result, the world can flow over your soul in the day without congestion.  You must allow the flow of faith, love, healing, joy and light to pass through you into the world.  You must allow the flow of hatred, darkness and sin to flow from the world through you to God.

All of this is done by prayer, and by forgiveness of yourself, of others…little by little you grow in the power of prayer, in the ability to bear the weight and accept[t the contradictions of the two-way flow between God and the world.  ~ Aidan Clarke

Psalm 42:11

The Message (MSG)

11 Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?
    Why are you crying the blues?
Fix my eyes on God—
    soon I’ll be praising again.
He puts a smile on my face.
    He’s my God.

2 years of pure joy!

2 years of pure joy!

My granddaughter turns 2 today. She has been the source of great delight to my heart. Wow! I had heard from so many that being a Grammie is the best thing ever but I really had no idea how awesome this title really is! I am experiencing the beauty of rediscovering life through the eyes of child and it’s fantastic. Clara is so full of life and there hasn’t been one day spent with her that hasn’t left my heart full of joy. So, Clara Ray Brown, you made me a grandma 2 years ago and what a journey we have had together! Happy birthday, sugar, I look forward to watching you grow and you can always be assured Grammie will ALWAYS be in your court! Grammie loves you to the moon and back!

Proud of our Regis College students!

My job brings me in contact with so many amazing people!  My primary role is as the Associate Service Learning Director in the College for Professional Studies at Regis University which serves Regis’ non-traditional adult learners. But today I had the super fun privilege of sitting in and listening to a few students from Regis College (traditional students) present what they had learned from their En/Route program this past year. En/Route places students in an environment in which they are learning to serve and serving to learn. There were 12 presentations from students who had spent the past year serving several hours a week in many different agencies in the Denver area. Hats off to my colleagues in Regis College, faculty, service learning directors and engaged scholar activists who ran this fantastic program for students this year!  Well done!  I was so inspired by the transformative thinking that was evident as these students reflected upon their initial experiences at the beginning of the school year as they began their service adventures and then gave us a glimpse into their journey throughout the year, sharing very candidly how they had been changed.  Here are some of the things I wrote down; from the hearts of these dedicated college freshmen students to you, my readers:

Solidarity – being present and letting someone you know that you are there for them

It’s a special kind of learning that happens quietly.  You soon realize that you ARE your beliefs. 

Service – it’s for others and not just for myself.  It’s more mental and not just physical.

These families became a part of our lives and we are part of their cheer-leading team as we see the beauty in their struggles on this journey.

I serve because I care.  Empathy helped us see meaning beyond our own selves and lives.  Maybe we help 1 child who then makes a difference in another child’s life someday (pay it forward).

There are 14 million young women under the age of 18 who are forced to marry in Africa.  They are subject to increased violence and forced sexual relations.  They face illiteracy and lack of education due to dropping out of school.  Marriage forced upon them – perceived adulthood forced upon them.  I understand now that I took my rights and freedoms for granted.  I know now I want to be a civil rights advocate.

People do what they want to do! Stereotypes are divided along racial, cultural and gender lines.  If T’s mom can be intentional with her time ALL of the time, then I can be intentional with mine some of the time.  Time is our most valuable possession.  Sometimes it is be be shared as we are meant to share experiences and be with one another; its the common denominator of the heart.

Way to go, students!  Way to go.  Don’t lose this ground that you have gained in a life lived out in service to others. Each of you is now a mouthpiece to educate others (another act of service) to help others answer the question for themselves:  “How ought we to live?”

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transformative (trænsˈfɔːmətɪv) 



  1. of or relating to the process of changing something into something else
  2. of or relating to the process of changing a person or thing into something better or more attractive

Final thought:  what have you been intentional about doing in your life that is causing transformation in your life?





Joy.  I wonder if any of us can “choose joy” for even just 1 day.  I first must give a disclaimer – this post is not about anyone.  It is just something I am thinking about.  I have many people in my life personally and professionally who are really struggling right now, and this is not about you.  I have just been mulling over and chewing on the concept of joy and wanted to express my thoughts a bit.

Here’s joy defined: 



In my case I’ve been thinking of the 2nd definition.  Bringing joy to someone and truly allowing the source of joy to overflow in one’s heart. 

I wonder if we truly could go one whole day choosing joy over judgement, joy over complaining, joy over whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.  It’s definitely a mind over matter thing.  And it’s the silly things that become joy-robbers in life, at least in my case. Often things that rob our joy are out of our control, like the weather


We immediately start thinking of all the things the weather will cause in our life and in a quick swoosh of a second our joy collapses under the snowflakes. How silly.  Maybe a little close to home with this example since so many of us have had some real experiences with some harsh weather this winter, but still, it doesn’t have to rob us of our joy. Interruptions often rob us of our joy.  Maybe you’ve just sat down to read a book and have been looking forward to that “me time” for a while and quick as a wink you hear the knock at the door, a friend stopping by to visit because they were in the neighborhood. You muster a fake welcoming face and sit down for a chat. You focus on the frustration of the interruption.  But….what if instead you focus on searching for the pockets of joy the circumstance outside of your control may have caused?  A snow day to stay home and do whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do for the past several months that you’ve been saying, “if only an unexpected day would plop into my lap, I could….”  Or the option to make a snowman with your toddler and have a good old fashioned snow ball fight – hours of play time guilt free! Or with the friend who stopped by, focusing on the gift of relationship instead of your time interrupted can free you up to really enjoy the conversation.  Our life is so cluttered with busy and “sometimes fake connection” through social media and the likes that having REAL facetime with a friend is a luxury that rarely happens!  What looks like the unexpected dark cloud can often be hiding a real joy gem if you breath, don’t let it overtake you and respond with an expectant attitude of joy.

Another disclaimer – this is not a post written by an expert at this, I struggle just like the next person and need the swift kick in the pants wake up call to joy just as much as you might.

It requires intention, this joy business.  It’s a process of clearing your mind of the first instinct – react, complain and give way to frustration – and choosing instead to take a deep breath, look for the gift in the unexpected and celebrate the adventure that you wouldn’t have had if something hadn’t come along an interrupted YOUR life and YOUR plans.

Joy outcomes of the unexpected have been many in my life – a different job, a new friend, a hilarious memory, unexpected time all to myself, a wonderful brand new little life, some really cool moments with God, the list could fill several pages long.  

So, this post is a little quirky, but my hope is that you might join me in being persistent in refusing to have your joy stolen from you and begin looking for the joy in the unexpected in your life. Some people call this silver linings. But call it what you will, your heart grows lighter from practicing joy and your heart grows as heavy as lead by constantly giving in to frustration.

Just some stuff my mind was churning on today.  




Water not gasoline…

…a principle that I learned while working with some wonderful people several years ago.  The idea that into every situation you have a choice, you can bring water (soothing, refreshing, life-giving)



or gasoline (heats things up, escalates, burns).


Life has many layers and in the midst of these layers many conversations happen.  Sometimes conversations are wonderful.  Sometimes they are very difficult and suck the life out of you.  It is the latter where I have recalled this principle and tried hard to choose wisely in bringing water  to the situation.  I’d love to tell you that I manage this 100% of the time, really well…but that would be a flat out lie.  I’d like to think, though, that when I pause, take a moment, and reflect on this principle I really can regroup and avoid dousing the flaming words of a conversation with gasoline.

Not really earth shattering, this principle, in fact there are a lot of similar ways to reach the same goal – productive conversation, even in conflict.  I remember when my daughters were growing up Rob and I would always say, “You can make the best of the situation or the worst of the situation – it’s your choice.” Often followed with, “Why on earth would you choose to make the worst of the situation?”   Maybe they didn’t need the last statement, but our motive was to encourage them to evaluate every situation and look for how to make the best of it because there are many times in life you can’t change the circumstance.

It’s actually a principle found in the Bible as well.  Proverbs 15:15  says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

The bottom line is that this doesn’t happen automatically.  It takes intention.  It takes discipline.  It takes practice.  It takes time.  But the more you invest in making it a common response – water, making the best of it, a soft answer – the more your conversations will be sprinkled with an opportunity to open up and be more productive.

Nothing new, I realize that, but was reminded of this when I ran into a friend at work who said, “Water – not gasoline!” in response to my asking her how she was holding up in the midst of some rough waters at work. I’d shared this principle with her nearly a year ago.

So, not sure what you are facing today, but you’ve got this!  Just take in a deep breath, pause to collect your thoughts and words, and then as you breath out you can even just mutter under your breath, “Water! Not gasoline!” as you jump into your situation! 🙂